Full Version: i'm sorry
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i'm leaving the forum. everyone probably hates me at this point. i feel hugely catalyzed by this place.

i'd like to say i'm sorry for being an asshat. i could have voiced my thoughts in a much better way and w/o insults. i've had a specific type of blue ray blockage most of my life and it's unravelling and i haven't yet learned to balance it so it's set to gush right now. and i lash out when i'm upset. i'm tired of being catalyzed by b4, and of being catalyst for b4.

i'm sorry for leaving on a bad note. it's time to take my own advice and stop overthinking s***. so i'm going, at least i'm trying very hard to. it's hard because through friends i'm still connected to here. it's probably one reason y people write goodbye posts and then get sucked back in. but i'm hopeful.

really everyone, i'm very sorry for being an emotional asshat. i hope my time here wasn't all bad.

Heart  goodbye
No hard feelings here, we are all confused and bumbling in the dark. A pleasure to bump in to you in the process.
I think everyone is sensible over different matters and frictions are easy to occur. I don't think anyone hates you either, sometimes it's just hard to understand each others.

Much love to you bluebell.
Thanks for your beingness Bluebell.

Everyone has a unique 'energy signature', and you've left your imprint here.


One day we'll all be laughing together on a cloud somewhere.
Take care, bluebell and i wish you the best on your journey.
Love ya Blue

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Or you could just not leave.
I hope you find some healing. This is a difficult time astrologically, where all "stuff" is coming up. Good luck.
Hope to see you later. You were one who understood me.
goodbye for now, but see you later
I personally enjoy your presence here and feel you really add something to this community. I'm sorry to see you go and wish you well.
I've often found your presence on this forum rather comforting.  Best wishes.
Yah you kept me warm in those months in the winter time bluebell Smile
You are a real fun person to have around ya know
Peace out Bb, good luck, can't wait to see ya next time!!!
Peace :¬)