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I know this topic has come up quite a bit, but I'm making this into a separate thread because I don't think I could express my opinions on it as thoroughly as I'd like without derailing someone else's thread. 

There is a definite center of interest in the discussion on the forum as of late, having to do with how the tools of this forum should be directed- either toward an intensive study of the Law of One, a springboard of general, communal spiritual communication, or some mix of the two. The first option is pointed much more in the direction of a traditional mystery school, the latter two toward a traditional internet forum.

I have absolutely no problem with people wanting to get together and really dig into the meat of the Ra Material in a serious, studious environment. In order to put to use the more magical teachings in the material, I would say this is almost imperative. What I do have a problem with is people demanding it out of what has been for years an open internet forum, without having any idea what goes into its construction, maintenance, and with no regard for those who have given way more than most of you realize to try to keep it running. 

Before I get into the technical stuff, I want to say that those of you who take so much joy in publicly trash talking the mods need to get a life. I agree that there are issues in the way this forum is run. I agree that there is frustration in the community in general. But I've watched over the years as Gary, Austin, Steve and now Plenum have literally busted their asses trying to keep this thing afloat. Steve puts endless hours into trying to keep this forum free of bugs and running smoothly. Yes, bugs still happen, certain aspects could be more organized and run better, but if you think Steve is just laying around, not paying attention to what's going on on this forum, and not dedicating a generously large chunk of his life to keeping it going, please do your effing research. He is not god and cannot do anything and everything instantaneously just because it would convenience you. 

I know that Gary has lost sleep over the moderation process. I've watched he and Austin take care of business in their office, and to call them incompetent, uncaring, or not 100% dedicated to the Law of One is just insulting. I believe that there are issues that need to be addressed in the way this forum is moderated (and I've pointed them out on various occasions), but if you really want to help this forum, bashing people whose shoes you have not stood in is not helping you achieve your goal. If you think you can do it better, volunteer, and not in a sarcastic, backhanded, I-am-so-superior-to-you way. Literally volunteer. I am sure they could use the help. I don't think there are so few moderators because the moderator table is an exclusive club, it's because it's very hard to find that many people to put that much time and effort into a project without being paid for it. 

Anyway...the mystery school. I've seen that term tossed around a lot, but let's look at what a mystery school actually is. It is a place of mystery and initiation. By nature it is secretive and exclusive, because it is dealing with advanced topics that would be misunderstood by the general masses at best, and cause them harm at worse. A show of dedication, study and personal stamina are required so that the finely-tuned energy of the study is not wasted on those who view it flippantly or with shallow intentions. Usually there is some sort of degree system or hierarchy that one can move along as they show more and more willingness to pursue the purity of thought and action that is required to safely practice advanced esoteric work. This hierarchy (in ideal circumstances) does not exist to wield power over others, but to act as a gauge of one's own dedication to the path, as each level comes with increasingly difficulty study and responsibility.

Getting into a mystery school with a short essay would be getting off easy. When I joined one I first had to submit a very detailed application form and an essay, then went through months of written correspondence, then a phone interview, then a probationary period before I was allowed the full resources of even the first degree. Regardless of which topics the school focuses on, work within one is serious business. Even the people who get in sometimes screw themselves up really bad because they're not truly ready for the responsibility and power they're coming into.

Now...the idea of making this forum into a mystery school, and what that would actually involve. Firstly, all of the forum's content would be exclusive to members only. A public page with a general description and details about the application process could be erected, but to make the school's lessons visible for all to see would completely defeat the purpose of a mystery school. Secondly, all of those not willing or able to meet the school's requirements, which would surely be much stricter than this forum's communal guidelines, would have to be banned from this community. That means someone would have to take up the task of kicking out many of the friendly faces known and loved on this forum, simply for being who they are. That's definitely not a job I would volunteer for.

I knew Carla and know Jim pretty well, and I don't think they ever meant for this forum to be some sort of exclusive club for nitpicky LOO study. The forum was designed to be a place to welcome those whose lives had, in some way, been impacted by the material, without judgment, and allow them to communicate and interact with each other in a relatively safe, spiritually-focused environment that might not be available otherwise. The very existence of such a place is going to result in inevitable clashes of interest and belief. The depths to which the bickering and the disagreements plunge are not a marker of this forum's structure, but of the maturity of its members, which cannot be controlled so long as acceptance remains the motto of Bring4th. 

Do I have any problem with a more focused Law of One school or even magical order being erected? Not at all. I think it's a great idea. Do I think it should be done on this forum, which has been a public community for years already? Not at all. I think it's a terrible idea. You're taking one thing and trying to make it something else. There is absolutely nothing wrong with forming another website, forum or other system of correspondence to address this need that has arisen from many of this forum's members, but to expect everyone else to just drop whatever they're doing and conform to your desires, because it's what you think the Law of One should be all about is pretty self-serving if you ask me. 

I don't participate on this forum much at all anymore, because the Law of One is no longer my main focus of study, but this forum has given me enough over the years that I'd like to at least defend its integrity. This place is not perfect. It is not what everyone wants. But it was also not designed for any one specific group of people alone. Jim and Carla have always welcomed people of all beliefs and all walks of life into their loving embrace without judgment, and I feel like this forum at least tries to accomplish that as well. If you want something else, to be blunt, stop bitching and go make it happen.
I agree with the general sentiments of this thread in that I don't think this forum should be transformed into an exclusive mystery school.

However, I don't see an general problem with a much more rigorous and focused mystery school being formed. I just don't think this is the space for it.

A few criteria for a successful mystery school: at the bare minimum three people who have the knowledge, understanding, dedication and balance to pull it off. I won't point fingers, but many of the people who seem to be extremely interested in forming a mystery school (or whatever you want to label it) are lacking in at least one category. (Generally speaking) you may be strong in several of the categories and you may be able prop yourself with your strong points, but any project such as this founded by someone misaligned intentions will most likely fail within a year or so.

I am not saying I have all the answers or that I am strong enough in all the categories listed. In fact, I know I would have to work on a couple of things which I feel I am lacking to undertake being a student/member of a mystery school.
I am not worthy.
Isn't the point of having a mystery school to be able to do work in person? I don't see how it would work unless L/L develop a curriculum or correspondence style course.
Doesn't make sense to me, we already have a forum that focuses on the Law of One directly and other forums for more general discussions. From what i have researched with mystery schools, they all seem to be based on the western mystery tradition, I do fairly enjoy that but at the same time i also have issues with it. I guess you could call Yoga, Daoism, Buddhism etc as having highly adept esoteric aspect as well but they seem to have kept their linage a bit better than us in the west. Isn't the most powerful aspect of the mystery school the initiation? How would that work on a forum?

I honestly think things are just fine the way they are if you ask me.
Mystery schools were incredibly important for preserving knowledge and teachings that may otherwise be lost, destroyed or forgotten but now we have the internet. I think it should be fairly obvious that any modern mystery school would not be organized around the exact same principles as the Ancient forms as the needs of such a school would be totally different.
I agree that the internet can be of good use but i don't think it can replace the direct experience of initiation in person.
Well no, I was more referring to organization. I am on the same page that I believe initiation to mostly be an in-person affair (although not absolutely). I even refuse to do Reiki initiations if they are not in person whereas you see others giving long distance initiations but I really question their effectiveness. I think a lot of people maybe look to these things almost like a 'Readers Digest' of spirituality, an easy way to 'feel spiritual'. That being said, I like to work hands on, so maybe it's just a different approach but I wish I could afford to 'test' all these supposed teachers.
I avoid mystery schools with all my being.
/ hug
Yay hugs!

Mystery hugs are excellent.

I wonder if you can have a mystery school that is also an open community?
Ther'll be lots of hugs with those of my soul group when it comes that time.
Wait, I'm confused. Are you asking for our opinions or our suggestions?
I'm just shouting my opinions from the rooftops. All the cool cats are doing it these days.
(08-21-2015, 05:24 AM)Yera Wrote: [ -> ]I'm just shouting my opinions from the rooftops. All the cool cats are doing it these days.

I know  one thing Yera. Carla would have rejected the idea of "Bring4th" being turned into a mystery school. 

Otherwise she would have thought of "bring5th" instead. Would she not?
(08-21-2015, 06:18 PM)Nicholas Wrote: [ -> ]I know  one thing Yera. Carla would have rejected the idea of "Bring4th" being turned into a mystery school.

Bring4th is what it is. It can't be 'turned into' something that it's not, regardless of what anyone wants.

I agree with Yera that those who might want something else would need to create it afresh.

But in the early days, when B4 was still being formed, some of us did envision it being a mystery school. it was a topic of conversation.

That was a long time ago, and no longer relevant to what it has evolved into.

(08-21-2015, 06:18 PM)Nicholas Wrote: [ -> ]Otherwise she would have thought of "bring5th" instead. Would she not?

Why not make a sub-forum that's mystery school style?

This forum can potentially accommodate all things in my opinion.
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