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We as human beings have a unique experience in 3rd density to be allowed the illusion of separation in order for us to grow spirituality towards the creator. We have two tools to use in the experience of 3rd density that being the mind and the body, i personally consider that which is spirit to be non local to 3rd density in the sense of us being directly aware of it because of the veil of forgetting. The mind has at it's center a peace of software known as the ego or the persona. The persona or the personality is always evolving and developing, it has in my understanding a simple functioning that can almost be seen as binary if we take it to its core use. That is the factor of judgement,  that of which we approve and that which we disapprove of. It is through the mechanics of approval and disapproval that allows for what we consider as catalyst which in turn allows for experience to be had for polarization in consciousness to make movements towards the spirit complex.

It is the balancing of the approval and disapproval functioning of the ego that allows for us to create enough coherency in our personal consciousness to tap into the consciousness of the all. Through acceptance, faith and love, we can create enough momentum to tap that which is the spirit complex, uniting the mind and the body and the spirit together. Polarity can simply be seen as nothing more than the personal interpenetration of unified consciousness be it through the thought/emotional pattern of love or fear. We really only have service to all rather than to other self or self, once we understand that we simply have different ways of experiencing the same thing the idea of polarity becomes some what limiting in a sense but it has its uses in working with the mind/body to develop awareness of the spirit.

The unified consciousness can be seen like a circle who's center is every where and circumference is no where, we can look at this circle in as many different sub sections as we wish. It is clear that something so different from standard consciousness of an individual in 3rd density would be difficulty to work with, so mystics have over the many years broke the circle down into sub sections, the most common probably being the Yin/Yang symbol, or a simply duality, other systems working with a trinity, in Qabalah we have the tetragrammaton, eastern culture having the 7 planes and energy centers. Truth is all of this is the same circle just different methods at looking at the same thing, the point in the illusion of the separation in consciousness is that each individual will come to a unique balance and path to that balance, also having a unique experience of being the unity, the one the all ,the dream and the dreamer.

We are in the process of creating new software to experience reality in a new light, the download can happen as quick as we are willing to allow it to happen. All is with us and all will always be here for us. The mysteries of the unconscious mind are that which is in potential awaiting us. The spirit complex can be seen in the likeness of a holographic organic software in consciousness that is projecting the illusion of space/time and the mind/body complex.  As the old saying goes, that which is above is a reflection of that which is below. The chakra system is a growth in awareness of the self, it allows the expansion of the persona to move into love, light and infinity.
Is it beyond the ego to experience infinity?
(09-23-2015, 03:56 PM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote: [ -> ]Is it beyond the ego to experience infinity?

Since the ego is simply your belief in separation which results in the illusory appearance of a perceiver seemingly apart from perception, I would have to say yes.