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As the plan for the Bring4th Restructuring Project was reaching its final stages, we were happy with our work, but felt like something was missing. We didn't know what, but it was clear there was one last large change needed. Not long after, an odd package arrived in the mail for L/L Research without any return address. Its markings seemed to indicate it came from somewhere in South America, and traveled a long way to come to us. Inside, we were surprised to find a shimmering and pristine green crystal skull.

Not thinking much of it, we put the skull up on a mantle overlooking the office. And there it sat, leaving our memories. 
Until one night, when we were working into the late night hours and darkness closed in, the power went out in the house. We were left in complete darkness. Darkness, except for a faint, green glow emanating from the crystal skull.
We started to hear chanting from an indiscernible source in an indiscernible language. Mesmerized, we turned to the skull, and it began to speak in a stern yet ethereal voice. “It is time,” the skull said.
“Time for what?” we wondered.
“Time for change, for transformation, for new life to begin.”
We nodded to each other, feeling the truth, yet unable to comprehend its nature. “What must we change?”
The glowing skull pulsed. “You have already started the path. You are simply missing the key ingredient. Tell me, my friends, of the Bring4th community.”
Our eyes sparked and we looked at each other, suddenly understanding. “Yes, the redesign of the forums,” we agreed. “We’ve worked so hard, but it all seems hollow. Like there’s one piece of the puzzle that makes the picture clear. But what? What could it be?”
“You should know more than anyone of the need for a new team member with a new role. Try as you might, the task before you is too varied, to broad, requires keeping track of too many things. You need someone to help keep the community organized, to make sure things are in proper order so that every topic has a proper place, every member has an outlet for discussion, every spam bot is banished to the depths of negative space/time. You need a Forum Organizer.”
We jumped up. “That’s it! Forum Organizer! So simple, so elegant, how have we not considered this before? But this will be difficult. How do we find someone to join the team? Who can fill this role with love in their hearts and service in their actions?”
The skull seemed to grin, however an inanimate crystal manages to do so. “Is it not obvious, my friends? There is a person gifted with eloquence and balance beyond measure. A person with a love as deep as the ocean and a wit as sharp as the most masterfully crafted katana. She has been among you for years, offering the most loving and softest touch, and shining her bright light of understanding for all to admire. There is none as suited to join the team as her. The answer is obvious and irrefutable.”
We looked at each other and nodded. The answer was now obvious. It always was. The lights came back suddenly and we turned to the skull to thank it. But there where the skull had been was just a faint whiff of vapor that disappeared into the air.
And so we immediately returned to our computers to fulfill the skull’s prophecy. Without a hint of hesitation in our mind, we invited Jade to join the Bring4th team in the new role of Forum Organizer.
We are thrilled and grateful that she has accepted this position. We truly feel Jade will make an amazing addition to our team, and will help us explore and flesh out this new position on the Bring4th team.
Please help us in giving her a big, loving welcome!
Are you sure she didn't send the Jade skull??  Tongue

Congratulations Jade!
"I doubt it will keep me up at night haha I don't have that much of a conscience Smile" -Bring4th_Jade
I mean, not being mean, she is the sole survivor of her gemstone species and she is Jade and I mean, you've never seen Jade and the green skull in the same room have y'all?  Big Grin

Oh gosh, what if SHE WAS THE SKULL??

So don't blame her, Isis.  Its a rough job being not just the sole survivor of her race, but also an enlightened member.

Or dumb enough to take the job*

*not my words Heart
Good luck with your new adventure, Jade!

I have no idea what Ausin is talking about or if that was a true story or not but regardless i think Jade will make a good addition to the moderation team.
(10-17-2015, 12:07 PM)The_Tired_Philosopher Wrote: [ -> ]Are you sure she didn't send the Jade skull??  Tongue

Congratulations Jade!

The plot thickens...

(10-17-2015, 01:27 PM)Matt1 Wrote: [ -> ]I have no idea what Ausin is talking about or if that was a true story or not but regardless i think Jade will make a good addition to the moderation team.

Just a 100% true and accurate retelling of recent events.
Wow really! Thats pretty mental. Those crystal skulls have a lot of power in them.
Happy to be here, friends. I'm looking forward to enacting my new role, which may or may not include enchanting crystal skulls to be a vessel for wayward spirits who do my bidding. Keep an eye out for the Corkboard thread. Wink

Jade you've always been so supportive. No matter what struggle I'm going through.

Thank you.
You're very welcome, Gem. I love you, very much! *hugs back!*
I feel safer now.
Perfect Heart