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Restructuring Project Overview

Over two years ago at a meeting in Louisville, the then moderator team brainstormed a few good ways to improve the Bring4th experience. Upon the shelf those ideas were put, and there they collected dust.

This summer, the project was resurrected. We started by submitting a questionnaire to the community seeking feedback about the experience and operation of Bring4th.

Springboarding from two months’ worth of replies to the questionnaire, the current website owner/moderator team met again in Louisville while Bring4th_Plenum was in town to layout the blueprint for the Bring4th Restructuring Project.

Over the course of the next two months, the team worked tirelessly, day and night, going often without food or bathroom breaks, surviving only on Saltines and drips of water through a crack in the ceiling, to develop and implement that blueprint. The forum relaunch represents both a great deal of work and the best of our efforts.

During the almost eight year’s of Bring4th’s history, many evolutionary adjustments have been made to the forums, one at a time. The Restructuring Project is the first to implement whole scale changes in one turn.

We hope that the changes made will help to improve and strengthen your experience of L/L Research’s online community, and clarify the purpose and mission of the community.

Those changes include
  1. Revise the Bring4th Guidelines
  2. Created the Bring4th Principles
  3. Created the Moderator Role Defined
  4. Created Navigating the Forums
  5. Created a Moderator FAQ
  6. Revised and then made public the Moderator Handdocument
  7. Revised internal moderator procedure
  8. Updated the greeting text for new members
  9. Updated the Bring4th Directory and Forum Team pages
  10. Revised the Community Relationships Guidelines
  11. Created the Studies and Community divisions
  12. Reorganized some of the forum layout (moved In the Now and Harvest)
  13. Renamed  Sessions in Focus to The L/L Research Channeling Archives
  14. Repurposed Life on Planet Earth to Spiritual Development & Metaphysical Matters
  15. Upgraded the In the Now forum
  16. Revised the purpose of the Community Relationships forum
  17. Created the Art, Media, & Entertainment forum
  18. Created the Artistic Endeavors forum
  19. Created the Meta forum
  20. Devised the Thread Relocation Project
  21. Created a new volunteer position of Forum Organizer
  22. Bring4th_Jade joined the team in that new role
  23. Bring4th_GLB relinquished moderator duties

Please visit the Navigating the Forums page to learn about the difference between the Studies and Community categories.

We welcome any feedback about the changes!

Thank you so very much for seeking to shine and share your light here. We’re all so lucky that you chose this particular place to lend your energies and spend your time.

With love and light,
GLB – Director, L/L Research
The reorganization looks good. It seems more logical, focused, and less messy.

Jade is a great addition to the team. Smile

Good job.
A+ Stellar work, guys.
Good job! But what?? to #23. !!!

Nice work, but sometimes my posts take over a minute to post new ones.

Mod edit: discussion about slowness of the server that evolved from this post was split to this thread.
Congrats on your new position Jade :bigthumbsup:
Ty Spacecase Big Grin <3
It's obvious a lot of work went into this. Great job and thank all makes sense. May peace and sanity walk with you in your new role Jade Big Grin
(10-19-2015, 06:34 PM)Monica Wrote: [ -> ]Good job! But what?? to #23. !!!


#22. Jade in

#23. GLB out 

Promotion to Overlord? Big Grin  
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Wow, this is very comprehensive. Congrats on the culmination of the Great Work! One day I hope to hear some of the many, many stories I'm sure that went into the crafting of this.