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While skimming the threads to relocate I've noticed a sort of absence for threads related to just life.  I sort of have to make a mental stretch for Health & Diet or Olio typically for those threads.

It makes me wonder if people will know where to post such threads pertaining to just life on Earth without discussion of in depth mechanics or metaphysics of any real kind.

Thoughts?  Would it be okay to be told where 'Life in general' type threads might go if not the Spiritual Matters & Metaphysics forum?
The Treehuggers Treehouse?  Seems quite fitting for posts about general life.
I thought so too but then those public posts become private for only members to see. I'm not sure how much that matters to the thread-creator's. I figure on the first 3 pages I'll hold back on a decision until I know more of how the relocation is desired to be done.
I think Olio would work best, probably.
Alrighty, just gonna spread them by closest context then. Thank you.~
Did I answer your question properly? If you're asking about what to do with the threads that are about life but not really about metaphysics or spirituality (or go thoroughly off topic from the OP's intent), I'm leaving them in Olio. After the move, if people have objections to where a thread has landed, plenum/I can fix it from there. Big Grin
You did! It's not so much an issue of going OT, it's more Life in General was a part of the forum I'm going through and now those threads feel a bit orphaned was all.
I understand. Again, it can be an ongoing process. Smile
I agree with TTP. The late category of "Life on Planet Earth" was very inviting and seemed to fill a need. It does seem to have left a hole now that it's gone. Olio is more of a miscellaneous place to post a variety of disparate things.
Sorry guys new to this and having a thick moment! When I reply am I kinda adding my bit into the continuing conversation? Doh
Obviously so, don't worry I'll get better at it. Still getting over actually talking to other people a out this stuff. Wow - happy days eh?