Full Version: Exercises, Yoga, and Personal Routines
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I wanted to ask my B4Familia what their personal daily routine of exercises and poses are.

I'm slowly building back up to actual 'workouts' but I do most of my everything at work in the back room.

Right now all I do are leg-ups for the psoriatic muscles.  Push ups (only managing 4-6 each attempt -~- ).  And a few basic yogic poses for stretching (I wanna be stretchy too haha) including standing tree, child-pose
Standing warrior, bridging the back and a few others.

Anyone want to share their healthy physical activities?
My husband and I meditate together once a day, which we've been doing mostly with success for almost two years now. When we started it was 10-15 mins of yoga and 10-15 mins of meditation, and we were pretty in synch. Slowly we diverged and several months ago I opted out of the yoga portion for more time meditating - my job is very physical and I am in constant movement for many hours of the day, so I didn't feel it was as necessary - the hubs is much more sedentary and his sciatica flares up w/o the yoga. But, he followed my lead and started opting for more meditation time and less yoga, which isn't the best for him. So recently we've both been doing the yoga and meditation routine again.

My routine is usually tree pose, standing bow pulling, warrior pose, downward dog, upward dog, pigeon pose, sunbird, half tortoise, child's pose, supported shoulder stand, plow, and then finish it off with a good ol' meditation in corpse pose. That was fun, I had to look a few up. We've never taken a class - watched a few vids and just do it intuitively mostly. We'll probably take a class soon, there's actually a free one ridiculously nearby that we haven't taken advantage of yet because we're suckers.

We've been trying to add a second meditation before bed but, that's been hit or miss. I've been with, some success, meditating twice a day now at least (sometimes on my own).
I meditate at work, so I'm often interrupted but I manage a good Combined 5-15 minutes.

I need to Google half of those poses but I might steal your routine, it looks promising o:
It's great you can utilize your work time like that. My yoga routine is pretty easy, not too challenging, but pretty good stretching and balance poses. Feel free to borrow!!
(11-04-2015, 05:53 AM)The_Tired_Philosopher Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone want to share their healthy physical activities?

I mostly just go for long hikes through the forest, weather permitting of course. It is amazing how much that simple act improves my emotional disposition. Forest hikes are the best anti-depressants that I've ever found.
I live in a desert. And I AGREE.

Walking at night is so incredibly peaceful and quiet. Its so nice going out at 3am when no one else is out and just having the entire surrounding area to myself to explore and observe.
I do Diamond Dallas Page Yoga. He was a professional wrestler, and got injured. So he developed his own yoga to heal, and got back into the ring. People have lost over 100 pounds using it, and changing diet.

I've only had 2 workout days. It is a MWF schedule. Some days do 2 workouts a day.

He uses dynamic resistance which is like having weights attached, but there is no impact, so it's better than running.

I like it.
Interesting thread, I do no exercise whatsoever other than going to a mountain near my home a few times a week at night, started doing that a few months ago but stopped recently because it's cold now.

I did also spend entire nights walking at night on mushrooms discussing the universe.

Night time is glorious.
I do a mixture of Reiki and Chi Gung for my stretching exercises, a method I have developed myself. I also practice a couple forms I learned from a teacher, mainly a downwards flow and an upwards flow. I combine this with the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic orbits if Chi Gung.

For more intensive exercises, as well as training, I have been practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu for a little over half a year now, although my interest in martial arts goes back as far as I can remember.

I also do lots of cardio, I walk everywhere and have some pretty solid endurance although I have some issues with scoliosis in my back. I also like to hike and whatnot when the weather is good.

I also just do some basic free weight training and other various tension exercises, especially for my wrists and arms. I want to get back in to swimming as its supposed to be the best help for my back. I'm not really a 'fitness' person, it more revolves around my interest in martial arts.

Taoism has a lot of interesting stories about master martial artists who achieved great feats.