Full Version: Movie: Tomorrowland
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This movie seem to get a bad rap, but I though it was excellent and had a huge amount of blatant symbolism. I have been watching Cosmic Disclosure and that's what got me to read the RA material. Those two sources seem to be a direct influence on this movie.
It looks interesting. Since it's Disney, is it a fun flick or more serious? Please tell us more about it and what you liked about it.

I though it was fun and it had some fun action. The reason it seams that people didn't like it was that it was heavy handed with it's positive message. The message was on caliber with what I am trying to gently teach to my friends and family so I just though it was really groovy. The symbolism was great and stimulating for the pattern seeking part of my brain enjoy. The acting by some of the actors was great and cringe worthy by some of the others.
How funny, that they don't like it for the very reason we would like it - the positive message!

Thanks for sharing!

Yeah I really appreciated the movie and don't understand why it had such bad ratings...

I sort of have suspicions about how true the rotten tomatoes critic reviews are and whether or not some ratings are staged, or paid for. I see alot of trash with high ratings and good pure hearted and well produced movies with poor ratings.

The theme I saw throughout the movie is we create our own reality with our good/bad intentions, alot of Law of Attraction within the movies meaning.

"There are two wolves who are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. The question is... which wolf wins?

...The one you feed"
"There ain't no Tomorrow-morrow Land!"