Full Version: Glitches/Bugs/Technical Issues (b4th)
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feel free to use this thread to report technical issues with the forums.

Any issues will be forwarded onto our webmaster, Steve.

- -

at present, there is still one outstanding issue that would be affecting most members.  That is,

* when you post a reply, or send a PM, the spinning circle stays active for 30-40 seconds

* people think it hasn't gone through, and so hit post again, or send again

* the issue is that the PM checking script gets triggered, and that is what is causing the spinning icon and the delay.  The post/PM is getting published/sent straight away, it's only this PM script delaying things in the browser.

Temp Solution: just close that browser tab, or continue on with a new action instead of waiting for the spinner to stop.  If you want to check, just open a new tab and look at the thread you posted to, or check the PM's sent, and you will see the action went through straight away.

It takes a bit of faith to do this, but you can double check yourself before closing the tab that is still waiting/spinning-icon.