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I stumbled on this photo on and was extremely impressed by the photography. It reminds me of a painting. Actually, it would be really cool if a talented/realistic artist made a painting of this photo.

Feel free to post photos made by other photographers. If possible, please credit the name of the artist or link to their website. If you want to post photos that you took, I would suggest this thread instead:


[Image: Ole-Salomonsen-DSC00804-5_1200_1451987317_lg.jpg]
     the creator taking a selfie.

"Fire reflected on birds in smoke"
[Image: DmAo7Hk.jpg]

"Leitisvatn Lake"
[Image: sYdWEmc.jpg]

"Paint on a drill"
[Image: GU0ZQAg.jpg]

"Ushiku Daibutsu, the tallest statue in the world"
[Image: kqd6sMC.jpg]

"600 year old astronomical clock in Prague"
[Image: uH0lNrr.jpg]

"The ceiling on this chapel"
[Image: 93nwKAK.jpg]

"The interior of a mosque in Iran"
[Image: zr1WaxM.jpg]

"Algae bloom in Chinese Waters"
[Image: m6HgeJV.jpg]

"Portland's Japanese Garden"
[Image: SJ4CR6x.jpg]

"This is a Ladybug Covered in Dew"
[Image: or9IwTS.jpg?1?2366]

"In very rare circumstances it is possible to see a full 360 degree rainbow from an airplane"

"The Grand Canyon lit only by lightning"

"3 minutes before sunrise on Reine, Norway"

"The Apennine Colossus. Florence, Italy"

"Wasps aren't always black and yellow"

"Lightning strikes a plane as it flies through a rainbow"

"A Buddhist temple inside a cave"

"The Solar System to scale"

"A shot of the Milky Way over Chile"

"Reine, Norway"

"An early human embryo on the tip of a needle"

"An extremely rare rainbow-colored pileus iridescent cloud over Ethiopia"
Oh shoot! I saw one of those "pileus iridescent" cloud a couple weeks ago over Pike's Peak - I was shocked with how awesome it was. Not quite that vibrant, but still like, wtf am I looking at? Now I know!
Here is my "best of" collection of aurora photography. All were obtained from and I didn't change the file names, so virtually all have the name of the photographer.

[Image: gj08sO]
Cano crystales Colombia. Rainbow river. Definitely on our bucket list 

[Image: a96e459cbc4ca68769d40fe5398fd8ab--dishcl...utiful.jpg]

[Image: images.jpg]

[Image: Vacaciones-a-Cano-Cristales%20siemprecol...20info.jpg]

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

[Image: cano-cristales-la-macarena-excursion-bog...elos-2.jpg]
[Image: 078_ami-vitale_national-geographic-magaz...24x683.jpg]