Full Version: Legitimate test email from L/L Research
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I received an email from an email address I do not recognize, stating:

Quote:Dear friends,

Near the end of November, L/L Research initiated its annual fundraiser, and sent emails to everyone in its vast (not-so-vast) database, including one to your email address.

558 of those emails bounced back as undeliverable.

We were in the process today of removing said emails from our database when we noticed that - wait a moment - some of those emails are still good and active!

Is this from L/L or a phishing attempt? The email address was not one of L/L's

Thank you.
Well, that is definitely written by Gary (I would know that style anywhere). I just can't speak to if the body of the email was reused by a phishing artist or not. Somehow I doubt that; it was probably sent from an unfamiliar email due to technical difficulties.
I passed on this thread to Gary and Austin earlier today.  They should be able to clarify the issue in due time.

Thanks for your patience.
(01-07-2016, 01:56 AM)Peregrinus Wrote: [ -> ]I received an email from an email address I do not recognize, stating:

Peregrinus, I wish to thank you for publicly confirming that your email address is, indeed, active. : )

The email was legit and true. I gave it several rounds on our in-house lie detector test and it passed each time.

As the email mentioned, we got a lot of bounce backs, and noticed that not all those bounce backs were duds. So rather than remove good emails from the database, we sent an email out to all the bounce backs to see if they would bounce back, again.

Your case proves that there are good emails in the mix.

The email was sent from the same gmail account we've been using for years to send newsletters and fundraiser notices. The sender is always L/L Research, so perhaps you've never noticed the email account before.

Parsons! Ha. I think it's my cologne. That's what gives me away. I've got to switch brands.

Much love.