Full Version: NON-Canvas Fingerprinting . . .
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Greetings from the Great Country of TEXAS,

When discovering you NO-LONGER use Canvas Fingerprinting, re-registry took place.  As long as this will be your operations we may communicate using this forum.  Very Security Minded and careful about what is placed on my system, only after my approval will anything be added.

When first learning of your site an attempt was made to sign-up, but; after discovery of Canvas Fingerprinting my access was immediately removed.

Wish to THANK YOU! for this change of heart and not tracking us/U.S.  I do not do any of the social networking nor any blogs.  They are too unsafe, with uncomfortable feelings.  My Daughter set one up for my Wife and myself, I lasted about three (3) weeks.  To me means there was some hint from some Social Memory Complex of the Confederation of the Universe advising me to EXIT.  I did.

Am wondering if there are any people that would like to communicate with a very BORING person in the San Antonio, Texas area?  I know I am that type of person, have lived with this since 1939.  I await any replies . .