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It is very difficult to use this forum on a cell phone. I believe it's not that difficult out expensive to install a mechanism in a web sit that makes it mobile friendly
Or we could claim ownership of said difficulties and thank L/L for offering a venue in which to vent our particularly unusual issues. 

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I'll definitely let Steve (our webmaster) know, along with all the relevant parties (GLB, Austin).

This is something that has been discussed before, and particularly in the mobile and tablet age, particularly relevant.

Basically, there will be alternate theme which will kick in when a mobile browser is detected.

But most forums/websites have made the transition already; this is something which is 'coming soon' for Bring4th.

Thread also moved to the Meta Forum.
Thanks for bringing up the display issue concerning smaller mobile devices. A new version of this forum is being finalized at the moment and will be launched with the new, which is only days away now. The new template for myBB is a responsive design that will scale/stretch to fit whatever mobile device is being used.

Unfortunately, MyBB has never been ahead of the curve in terms of providing a decent mobile experience. They have overhauled the template system in their 2.0 forum software, but that version has been simmering for quite some time. In the meantime, the supporting community has done their best to create a responsive template, and that's what we will be using until such time we can migrate our 1.8 version to MyBB 2.0.

We appreciate your patience. Understandably, reading the forums on small devices has not been the most pleasant. But we hope you'll understand we needed to draw a balance between efforts to patch an older MyBB board, or to invest efforts into the new site, which is much, much larger and involves bringing to together mobile viewing capability not only the forums, but a store, the chat, blogs, and supporting pages.