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So I recently found out that there are literally organizations out there who still believe and promote the belief that the Earth is not a sphere, but is indeed flat.

Now obviously these people are entitled to believe what they want, but this also allows me to chance to respond to that belief. My response is that they are morons and this "belief" certainly has no place to be taught in our schools. And we thought teaching evolution in school was controversial. Imagine your kid coming home and telling you their teacher taught them that the Earth was flat.

To be fair, I don't believe everything mainstream science says either, but denying the Earth is not round is pretty friggen stupid.
(08-12-2016, 02:55 AM)GreatSpirit Wrote: [ -> ]So I recently found out that there are literally organizations out there who still believe and promote the belief that the Earth is not a sphere, but is indeed flat.... this "belief" certainly has no place to be taught in our schools....To be fair, I don't believe everything mainstream science says either...

[Image: fes_shaw.png] The guy has a point, however inconveniently unflattering...

 Ditto (albeit on another controversial topic, but very applicable to this one)...

[Image: the_great_a__tuin_by_alvaramorrigan1.jpg]
Terry Pratchett knew what's what!

[Image: 76da84bb8648e5641a6795ada83e5097.jpg] PROOF!!! Flat as a bloody pancake, no exceptions.

[Image: sailing.jpg]Uh-oh. Well, due to persuasive new contrarian data just received, I may have to rethink this whole thing more than somewhat.

[Image: flatearth.png] Ummm... 

GreatSpirit, the "flat earth" cult seems to me to bear some of the earmarks of a movement originally introduced into the culture by the Wise and meant as a dryly humorous educational satire on the human propensity to believe (like the imperious Red Queen in Alice's Adventure in Wonderland [1865]) in any number of impossible things with fervor:

"I can't believe that!" said Alice.

"Can't you?" the queen said in a pitying tone. "Try again, draw a long breath, and shut your eyes."

Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said. "One can't believe impossible things."

"I dare say you haven't had much practice," said the queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

It seems to have gained a new hold on a certain humorless type of person's imagination as more and more conventional ideas of "reality" (including "scientific" ones) become obviously outmoded, and a widespread feeling of insecurity triggers the radical and often ludicrous questioning of everything and anything, no matter how deeply foundational to consensus-reality it may be. It reminds me of some other humorous satires on the sort of fragmented, alienated, hyper-rationalistic paranoid mentality that is ever the gullible prey for pseudoscientific high-techy-sounding jargon and high-flown abstractions presented persuasively as something to rally against or for, or even to take seriously to begin with:

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division -- A clearinghouse of information for citizens concerned about the dangerous-sounding chemical Dihydrogen Monoxide which is present in numerous toxic substances and can be lethal if inhaled! Of course, Dihydrogen Monoxide is more popularly known as... water.

Improbable Research -- "Feline Reactions to Bearded Men"

McWhortle Enterprises, Inc. -- Prestigious manufacturer of mechanisms offers you amazing investment opportunity! "The Stage 2 share price means that current investors have already made an average 217% annualized profit!"

The Ova Prima Foundation Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This organization has produced scientific evidence to suggest that it was the egg which came first.

Rockwell Automation Corp. -- Presenting the revolutionary Retro Encabulator! 

Of course, some nefariously tricky types present long lists of frauds like these just as persuasive context just so they can slip in certain extraordinary non-consensus-reality phenomena so as to debunk them through sheer association, neatly avoiding having to address them scientifically on their merits.  If you have any doubt of your ability to tell the difference, have no fear -- simply become an officially-accredited expert in the required field!:

General Delivery University -- America's Only Genuine Diploma Mill!
(In a hurry? Cut right to the chase:

This one's quite a trap anyone regardless to stupidity can get themselves into for each concieves reality through their own eyes and belief. If any individual could travel to space and view the globe from afar this early age belief wouldn't remain. Then again believing what the internet/media presents isn't a valid truth as far as humans are known to decieve. I'm saying this now, if it doesn't resonate with you then look no further. This gateway will only lead to confusion and doubt.
Gotta go with what resonates. For me... Ra calls the planetary bodies "spheres" many times, which is good enough for me. That said, I definitely believe there is a ton of validity in some things the Flat Earth folks say and present. I also believe there is nothing but deception within mainstream science and NASA is at the helm.

So I take those two thoughts and combine them for what could actually be possible - a sphere containing a flat a snow globe ... Or something like that.

Since I'm pretty sure this has no impact on my daily life I do not dwell on it, but remain open to possibilities.
Flat Earth began in the dark ages as a way for the catholic church to fight the inventor of Galileo.

That turbo encabulator is cracking me up. USING ANHYDROUS ENACTING PINS?!?!! FROM THE peruvian academy of scatalogical sciences rofl.

so buttplugs solve the worlds energy problems rofl.
"... so buttplugs solve the worlds energy problems rofl."

This only stands to reason -- though for best ease one should usually try not to sit down whilst so solving the world's energy problems (unless one is using advanced technology¹). Of course, in other problem-solving regimes, the stubborn use of sitzfleisch² is the maximal solution mode. It all depends on how one wishes to optimally interact cosmically with the Cosmic Flow and Dynaflow.³  Cheers!

1 See .
2 See .
3 Edifyingly referenced as early as 1955 by Dr. E. Lillywhite Norton, noted Quantum-Cosmomechanical Analyst at the Raccoon Lodge Institute of Lower Physics, Brooklyn, NY [following 05:25]:


Animated model of Cosmic Flow and Dyna-Flow cosmically flowing and dyna-flowing:

[Image: qRtzwwA.gif]

Note the simplicity. This represents the One Mysterious Dial-O-Matical Über-Principle underlying the unsung true basic forces of reality: Slicing, Dicing, Shining and Shellac-ing, Greasing and Creasing, and-- POTRZEBIE.

[Image: KnuthWeightSystem1.jpg]

Incidentally, under contract from DERPA (thought-challenged spinoff of DARPA) my cutting-edge R&D lab is working on discovering new ways to utilize the energy inherent in the standard static-charged pussycat. Preliminary exploration into possible exploitation of this phenomenon is being farmed out via research grants and veiled threats to various institutions of higher learning:

[Image: Electricity-vs-Cat.jpg]   Cool Science!
planets are spherical, the illusion we experience is flat, pretty simple "vivimos en el plano terrenal"
Days ago, I was watching some documentaries and videos about the Flat Earth. But, like a user said, Ra called the planets of "spheres". This is enough to me too. Now, this absurd idea it's more one desinformation of the Hidden Government (probably to discredit the fringe knowledge and the conspiracy theories).

Peace, love and light.
Inflate a party balloon and then draw a triangle on it. The internal angles add up to just over 180 degrees.

Take 3 triangular coordinates on the surface of the planet and precisely add up the internal angles. The results exceed the flat 180 degree constant of a 2 dimensional surface, just like the balloon does.

Math "rocks"!

"Circular" debates shall not be entertained, do the math or take an ice bath in Antarctica before you return back to the same place you departed from (flat earther thinkers that is).

(12-09-2016, 06:54 PM)Nicholas Wrote: [ -> ]Inflate a party balloon ....

Ha ha! Stop right there, Nicolas old boy! See, that's where your cunning but sophistic theorizing falls flaming to the ground, shot down by the slings and arrows of the outrageous fait accompli, as either William Nietzschespear or Yogi Berra or Einbert Alstein or Dr. bloody Bronowski or someone so very tellingly put it in Ivanhoe and Juliet or Fifty Shades of Alien Grey or The Study Guide to Clinical Studies in the Guided Clinical Study of Clinical-Study-Guide Studies or somewhere. In actuality, so-called "inflated" balloons are flat -- they only appear to be spherical (or in the case of balloons wielded by clowns at children's parties, dachshundoidal [or sold at Disneyland, mickeymousoidal]) due to the prevailing malign and invasive cultural conditioning that has so badly warped our minds and skewed our perceptions that we seem to see what ideologically "should" be there. There, I run rings 'round you logically!

The very model of a modern mode of rationality:

[Image: 472229513_766.jpg]

If you see this you're doubly deluded:
[Image: Latex-Flat-Balloon-36inches-XXL-Mega-Bal...50x350.jpg]

Even many otherwise enlightened Flat-Earth devotees unthinkingly fall prey to delusion on this score (see, e.g., -- lighter-than-air balloon capable of high-altitude ascension, indeed -- absurd! That'll be the day! A foolish chimera! We all know that hot air doesn't expand anyway, it actually contracts down to nothing while simply puffing out its chest in a fit of petulance, which is why it seems "lighter" and "bulkier" than regular old air.) 

Venus refracting through swamp gas, a natural phenomenon commonly misinterpreted by the uninformed:
[Image: round-balloon-for-a-flat-earth-jim-martin.jpg]

Also, automobile tires, though they seem torusoidal, are actually flat, too! Why else would there be such things as "spares"?!

Oh, and did you know that things only seem to merely "look smaller" as they recede into the "distance" due to supposed "laws of perspective" -- in fact they stay right where they are, orbiting you, and actually shrink in size when not supported by the gravitational force of your scrutiny as you think of moving "away" from them. Of course the invisibly tiny things orbiting you that you now turn your attention towards appear to grow in size as you draw "near" them. It's tricky to catch, but if you change your mind abruptly and whirl around quickly you'll see things wobble in size out of the corner of your eye. Proof! This is why the side mirrors on cars often bear the words "Objects In Mirror Closer Than They Appear".

[Image: new-perspective.gif]

The true law of relativistic perspective:
[Image: solipsism-all-about-me1.jpg]

Also, in regards to your over-the-top "180" degrees figure -- did you know that the only true counting system is the one that goes (1, 2, 3... infinity) -- because there are actually no numbers between 3 and infinity!! It only seems that there are because we lose count so easily due to the absent-mindedness brought on by the prevailing malign and invasive cultural conditioning that -- oh, sorry, this is where I came in.

This is how Science ought to proceed:


Did you know that Antarctica only appears to be an icebound wasteland? As one intrepid explorer found out, it's actually quite otherwise, more than somewhat -- but his hard-earned knowledge has been suppressed... until now:


PROOF of suppressed do-it-yourself antigrav tech:

(12-09-2016, 10:07 PM)Dekalb_Blues Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-09-2016, 06:54 PM)Nicholas Wrote: [ -> ]Inflate a party balloon ....

Ha ha! Stop right there, Nicolas old boy! See, that's where your cunning but sophistic theorizing falls flaming to the ground

Dekalb, few there are that display such a mastery of our language to such a depth that I find myself studying such posts longer than studying Ra's. 

You, brother, are one of them. And what I also notice about you is that to a very high degree, you exemplify the ideal expressed in my own signature far better than I!  Heart

The dissonance between my last post and my signature is quite noticeable, and yet you refrained from pointing to it!  Blush


Math is the language of geometry. It is not subject to interpretation, therefore it does not qualify as a theory. Pi is not a dish in the sky!  Tongue

As we are talking about the fundamentals of our holographic illusion, that being the perceptible nature of the upward spiraling light, it is quite safe to assume that it is as regular as a bell ringer in Rome.

So I shall double down on my assertion, that in objective  fact, the Earth is indeed subject to the geometric (and therefore mathematical interpretation) and gravitational relationship of the motion of intelligent energy.

In other words, the results of the action of free will upon love is infinitely and variously spherical. The plan view can be seen as wave form, and the cross-sectional view can be seen as a dot forming a seemingly perfect circle.

I love you btw,

"Flat earth" is a psyop intended to trap people who wake up and make all conspiracy theories seem ridiculous to those that are still sleeping. I have no evidence but I strongly believe this.
(12-11-2016, 04:53 AM)1109 Wrote: [ -> ]"Flat earth" is a psyop intended to trap people who wake up and make all conspiracy theories seem ridiculous to those that are still sleeping. I have no evidence but I strongly believe this.

Yes. Everything is wheat mixed with chaff, partially because chaff was intentionally thrown in. This is done to many so called conspiracy theories. "Flat earth" could be thrown in to discredit a similar sounding theory that can be true, or it is a distorted understanding of the higher perspective from a 4D space where a "surface" or cross section over 4D spaces is 3D and thus can be called "flat" (e.g. the 3D earth can be considered "flat" from a 4 dimensional spacial perspective).
Do you really think Ra would annihilate our perception of this reality deliberately, without Don asking this specific question? He would then break the law of free will revealing something Don would not have asked for himself.

I must say something: I came to this topic of flat earth laughing my ass off but after a while the laughter disappeared. Now I am working really hard on convincing myself again that the earth is a "planetary sphere" but it's getting harder every day. Not saying the Earth is flat, but I'm not so sure that it's round anymore. The subject really deserves your attention. If you are really a truth seeker, DO NOT throw it away like nonsense. It is NOT!
"So you see, Captain, all those apparently spheroid planets out there are actually discs, so we
need to re-mold our entire model of reality with this as axiomatic, and... uh... Captain?"

[Image: giphy.gif] 

A well-developed sense of humor is part of the antidote to extremism in all its forms, as it bespeaks the
sort of flexibility of mind that cannot be trapped by STS ideological pranking -- which often involves getting
one to consent to believe in a series of relatively tiny and seemingly harmless contentions so that their
unsuspected implications which are not so harmless must be accepted also (if one is to appear properly
"rational") -- to one's eventual sorrow...

4. Hide your conclusion from your opponent until the end.
Mingle your premises here and there in your talk.
Get your opponent to agree to them in no definite order.
By this circuitous route you conceal your goal until you have reached all the admissions necessary to reach your goal.
--from Arthur Schopenhauer's The Art of Controversy
(Orig. pub'd Röcken, Saxony, 15 Oct. 1844 as Book II of Wisdom of life and counsels and maxims;
Saunders English transl. 1912)

"It would be a very good thing if every trick could receive some short and obvious appropriate name,
so that when a man used this or that particular trick, he could be at once reproached for it."
-- A. Schopenhauer, from The Art of Controversy

Once an idea -- however  patently absurd it is -- is successfully linked via malignly-configured conditioning
to the average already-quite-conditioned-thank-you-very-much human's ego, it will defend it as an extension
of Self -- even to the very death. As is witnessed by the entire modern history of mankind. How much better
to be able to laugh at first sight when the Emperor parades his newest bit of absurd and invisible Imperial frou-frou?

Not every STO Wanderer is a babe in the wood in the dark forest that is this present world. It behooves positively-oriented
types to learn how to face more and more of the dark side of human nature in its actual current operation in human affairs
globally as a way to 1) intelligently protect what's worth saving from harm, as a service to one's species, and 2) sharpen one's
own attunement to positivity against the opposition of the most opposite catalyst available, as a service to own's own true Self.
If one is successful in handling smaller jobs of actualizing love and light against opposition, one will merit access to bigger jobs --
and meet more and more interesting people engaged in this type of pursuit.

"GR: You have lamented that you have seen your Mind War tech at least in part used unethically during the Gulf War.  Do you fear it will be used again, or is currently being used on US citizens and furthermore, what can the average person do to protect themselves from the system that you have created?

Aquino: I have always maintained that any kind of PSYOP requires strict ethical guidelines if it is not to be misused like the propaganda systems of the old totalitarian dictatorships. As the highest form of PSYOP, MindWar requires absolute ethical integrity, as once again detailed in my book. And the reason for this is brutally simple: There is no defense whatever against MW PSYCONs, because they access the subconscious, not the conscious thought process. You would have absolutely no idea a MW campaign was being directed against you unless you knew exactly what to look for, and quite possibly not even then.
Understand this: MW has one and only one purpose and justification: to preempt and eliminate ordinary 'physical' war (PhysWar or PW). It is a mechanism to stop the killing and injuring of people and the destruction of their homes and livelihood. If it is used for that end, under rigorous ethical guidelines, then and only then is it acceptable."

-- Dr. Michael Aquino (from 2013 interview by G. D. Roberts at

 [Image: il_570xN.448675925_cojv.jpg]
(12-08-2016, 05:46 PM)monomike Wrote: [ -> ]planets are spherical, the illusion we experience is flat, pretty simple  "vivimos en el plano terrenal"

Good one, just in point.
I recant ALL my foolish skepticism! Turns out THE WHOLE DAMN SHOOTIN' MATCH is a FAKE! I HAVE PROOF!!:

Alas, so many of my fondest delusions shattered! Thank goodness I have all those long-standing and light-filled
relationships with my loving fellow humans to see me through this ontological crisis of morale.

With a tip of the pork-pie hat to Eddy Abbot:

Remember when we didn´t know yet that there was a worldwide conspiracy to enslave humanity?

There is more we didn´t know..

[Image: 51708cabb34e02d1f24b474297b159f5.jpg]   

[Image: flat3.jpg]

* Proof By Kitteh -- the last slender straw of that will-'o-th'-wisp Objectivity which -- alas! -- one can at best only but feebly grasp in this infinite and infinitely mysterious Creation!

The Mother Lode of All Reliable Info on this vital topic:

WARNING! Do not fall for this clever pseudo-proof-by-kitteh propaganda wielded by the Evil Spheroidal Opposition!!: 

 [Image: 1pqcm7.jpg] Cool
You know, I've been developing a new theory on why so many people are embracing Flat Earth theories. I think it's a reaction against "collectivist" thought and the de-valuation of personal experience.

There is a HUGE amount of stuff that "we know" in life which people are simply expected to take on faith because smart people say so. I'm not saying this to be anti-science, I'm saying that so much of scientific deduction is virtually impossible for an everyday person to see\derive for themselves. Like imagine trying to explain The Big Bang to someone who steadfastly rejects any ideas which they can't verify directly. Considering how indirect much of the evidence is - such as red-shift on faraway stars - it would be effectively impossible.

Most people are OK taking such things 'on faith.' But others aren't. Some people just cannot accept what they can't see for themselves, and others are philosophically bothered by how de-valued personal experience is becoming. (And on the latter point, I agree to some extent.)

Which is why Flat Eartherism becomes so attractive. It's the ultimate "screw you, I'll only believe what I can see" style belief. Someone who wants to assert absolute authority over their thinking can say "no it isn't" all day long to someone trying to convince them of a (semi)spherical Earth and never actually have to confront the possibility of changing their mind. And the fact that it's an idea which is so bothersome to so many of the collective-minded people probably just makes it that much more amusing\appealing. It's a direct challenge to the entire idea of collective knowledge, by denying something which is so universally accepted as true.

Plus, all it would take is a relatively small group of people who are doing this deliberately, making a game of it, to gain a fairly large group of followers who are naturally of the "I only believe what I can see" mindset.
The third density's view of reality is very limited (because the veil's conditions). Besides that, we know that the governments don't talk all truth to the people. This feeling of conspiracy is very strong in many individuals. Of course that not all conspiracy theory is true and some are misinformation (as that Flat Earth's theory).
This thread made my soda flat.

Also, what if the flat earth commentary in the bible is a reference to the shape of plains in time/space?
(10-08-2017, 03:29 PM)Coordinate_Apotheosis Wrote: [ -> ]This thread made my soda flat.  Big Grin

Also, what if the flat earth commentary in the bible is a reference to the shape of plains in time/space?
[Nope, no way, the Bible is a strictly non-poetic documentary work of concrete factual history adhering to the
most rigorous scientific standards. No high-falutin' work-of-Satan-ish abstract metaphorical thought going on in there.]

[Image: Ancient%20Science%20Diagram%20GIBERSON.jpg]

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

[Image: flat-earth1.jpg]

C_A, here's the promo teaser for the best two-bits-worth of Good-Book-Approved Planetary Truth you can get for your money on that
next time-travel excursion you take to beautiful Hot Springs, South Dakota ca. 1893 (tell Prof. Ferguson I say hello): 

(be sure to use the right era-appropriate change, as anachronisms will bring the one-horse Law of the time down on you)

[Image: 1893-s-barber-quarter.jpg] 

[Image: shadow-flat-earth-lunar-eclipse.jpg?2=960]  Typical view of flat-earth eclipse
I mean you have to admit the Bible has some gems in it, and abstract metaphors with their source of inspiration in mind makes for some very entertaining speculation.

For instance, every NDE I've read has never once referenced a curving occurrence of travel, it's usually straight lines such as through the tunnels experienced.  In books by Michael Newton they mention a changing of light intensity gradually as changes in placement of a wide distance supposedly covered occur, but never refers to any plane of the afterlife in a geometric way.

From there I'll just say I think the speak of Flat Earth is code speak in the Bible for Inner Earth Plain(s).

Interestingly though I was thinking about the geometric idea of the face/plane of a sphere. It's said to have an infinite array of angle vortices.  What if the surface of the sphere of Earth is a flat surface metaphorically?  As in the planet is a sphere, but it's perceived from it's surface as flat?