Full Version: about the ray from human body and aura technology
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hi,i'm Chinese wanderer,new to be here.just want to draw your attention to this technology.

do you still remember the ray the light of body that Ra mentioned in the Law of One series

i think if the technology can be explored further,it can benefit mass people and maybe help most of wanderers :
if you are doubting about this technology,here is videos on Youtube:
this technology may relate to Kirlian Cameras: ,……?pageid=11 and
i don't know exactly what the aura is .maybe eletromagnetic field or some kind of gas emanating from a body.
but think about it ,this is energy field available to everybody,no matter you are poor or rich, no matter where you are ,india ,china,usa anywhere.this is real free

energy and can not be locked by governments .you don't need to use any equipment to get this energy work,just use your mind ,your emotion,you all can make the energy

field work ,you all can make a difference...with massive awakening people around the globe, i firmly believe if all realize this and make use of this technology from

their bodies and spirits,we can not only heal ourselves but also heal the world.just like meditation,we can send love,kindness,care to heal the world,our energy field

can be magnified with each other.then ,we can make a tremendous difference.
if you are a science student, or a physics researcher ,try to research this ,set up discussion group and get more scientific proofs for the effect of energy field as

well as how it work.with more scientific proofs .

you also may doubt whether this technology will violate the free will,if you are doubting about that, i think it's not a matter of whether we should explore it or not,but is a matter of how we use this technology avoiding violate the free will.
thank you for reading
Welcome to the forum :¬)

There are many scientific discoveries that support the metaphysical, the only problem being that the sphere of science has been likened to the 'cool' group at school - if things do not fit in to the old ideals, they are often ridiculed or ignored.

For example, it's been proven that all mater in the universe is 99.9999% space. You only have to look at the structure of an atom to realise this. Not only that, the particles in the atom are packets of energy, not physical matter. Everything is indeed energy.

If you're interested in this kind of information, check out The Field and The Intention Experiment (both by Lynn McTaggart). These two books contain much scientific proof of the metaphysical.

If you're interested in healing and energy work, check out Hands of Light, by Barbera Ann Brennan. An excellent book written by someone with much, much experience.

Many also consider that the intuition we receive about another person is an unconscious reading of the aura. Although most people cannot see them with their eyes, they are still detected. This is why you can feel tension in the room, it's a dense energy that makes you feel uncomfortable.