Full Version: Suggestion: forum only browsable by members
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Dear moderators,
Im not really a tech geek, so maybe its just a misunderstanding.
Can the forum posts be read by someone who is not logged in?

If so, I would suggest a section, that is only accessable by members.

The reason being:
I think think one if not the most important aspect of this forum is mutual help where one might struggle on ones way.
In offering and in requesting help one might share evry personal aspects and issues.this would be easier if one would feel secure in sharing.
I personally would feel much more secure if I would know that my personal stories would stay inside this community and not be accessable by any random internet surfer, if you know what I mean.
Thanks , isis, for providing these links.
I guess it means, those forums are browsable by members only?
Sorry for my maybe stupid questions, I couldnt find any info so far :/
the places i linked to = must be logged in to see.
all the other places = "accessible by any random internet surfer." :)
Thanks for the info, isis!
Agua del Cielo, I certainly understand and sympathize with your suggestion. Not only do we have the potential to deal with deeply personal issues here, but we also gather around a text and philosophy that is, to the outside world, quite weird.  Privacy is an understandably desired aspect of the forums for seekers who gather here.

From a community standpoint, we view this as needing balanced with the resources of the forums being open and accessible to those who might be just "casual browsers." There is a chance that a personal story might be read by a "random internet surfer," but chances are, a person did not end up here "randomly." The forums have a deep archive of discussion and material that helps seekers learn more about L/L Research's material and relate to others seekers on a similar path.

We feel it's a good compromise in that members may post anonymously without ties to any personal information. It's unfortunate that this level of anonymity isn't quite as much of a shield as some would desire, but hopefully this balance allows us to serve others who may not even become engaged with the forums if an account was required.

Thank you for the suggestion!
Thank you very much for your understanding, austin.
It feels good that you understood my concerns Smile
Thanks again!