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Admittedly I haven't studied this yet.

So Catiness in hungergames what archetype is she representing.
I've never seen it, but usually the lead female role represents the High Priestess, the potentiator, the subconscious. The male (will, Magician) is usually seeking her. I'm not sure in that story though if the roles might be reversed - the female is the protagonist and her male cohort is more of the sidekick role, right?

I just read a summary and it seems likely to me that Katniss is the Will who is torn between two lovers (Peeta and the other), representing the Two Paths. I'm not sure how that manifests, it seems like she has a "true love" but also her "love" for Peeta which seems to gain her favors within the machine (prostituted maiden?)
Hmm, Well I would say she represents the catalyst in the story. She is the unknown element that is revealed through her participation in the hunger games, providing the catalyst which the society uses to overthrow their fascist government.

On the mental level she is representative of The Empress, the revealed aspect of the society's unconscious mind which figures of authority want to court so they can control her influence.

On the physical she is representative of The Enchantress (Strength in modern tarot decks). She is central in the struggle against the beast (the previously mentioned totalitarian regime) and her actions dictate the narrative of the story.

On the spiritual level she is representative of The Star. She gives hope to those who see her, the strength to carry on through the darkness.

On the flipside we have Peeta who represents the Experience archetypes. He is the one who is experiencing the events unfold and whom the audience (in both the story where people are watching the events unfold on TV and the literal audience viewing the movie/reading the book) project themselves in order to feel an emotional bond to Katnesss.

This is just my quick analysis in any case Smile
Thanks guys really lots to explore.
I watched Underworld Blood Wars last night which has a curious twist of vampires vs lycans (werewolves). This is the 5th instalment, the first coming out in 2003 of which I was enthused by at the time.

Selene (Kate Beckinsale), the lead vampire in the film is a rare one because daylight does not kill her. I suppose you could say that being exposed to love/light does not depolarize her, so she represents a vampire with ethics, an sto vamp. She drinks cloned blood rather than feeding off of humans for example. I think archetypically she, as all hero characters, represents the Matrix. The hero sets their intention, focuses their will and through great, trial succeeds.  I think the villains represented by the lycans portray the Catalyst that is ignored or repressed by the Matrix. Literally turning into a beast when love/light (truth) is reflected (by a full moon), signifies to me a lack of self knowledge or processing efficiency. However, the lead lycans in the story can turn into werewolves at will irrespective of there being a full moon or not, so they have an awareness of what drives them and how to direct it. They are the adept on the left hand path that have all other lycans submitting to their will, which in turn have an adept chief. The big bad lycan!

Google Images doesn't seem to have any images of the werewolves from that movie (Blood Wars).
(01-14-2017, 02:46 PM)Glow Wrote: [ -> ]Admittedly I haven't studied this yet.

So Catiness in hungergames what archetype is she representing.

I think she is the warrior
(01-15-2017, 10:07 AM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote: [ -> ]Google Images doesn't seem to have any images of the werewolves from that movie (Blood Wars).

They are the same as in the previous film, Underworld Awakening.

[Image: latest?cb=20120606115427]