Full Version: Some thoughts on archetypes
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The mind contains all things. An operant of the mind being without cause facilitates its own articulation, randomly. Rational and intuitive processes funcuate relations and objects under the law of cause and effect as a direct result of operant execution. The logos of every operant is derivative of the infinite viewpoint from which all things arise. In this sense reference is a vibration imbued with the cyclic frequency of operant execution. Refinements of the mind are differentials of reference distinctive only under cause and effect in a localized hierarchical function approaching from defined kinetic activity to infinite potential. On the point of cause an operant becomes a bias or tone. Harmonics ring as an articulation facilitating exchange of vibration of mind within mind. This is builded as archetypal mind of the operant execution occurring without definite bias in short order.

Resonance of operands becomes a complex of concepts drawing from specific roots of the mind representing a qualitive idea within the harmonic of mental exchange. The archetypal mind is the blue print of all energy exchange and expenditure