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Interested in exploring these possibilities. Can anyone offer understanding here?

Thanks. D
An indigo ray transfer is a function of your ability to tap into intelligent infinity. It's hard to describe in words because the potential for experience is literally infinite. Usually an indigo transfer involves great joy, acceptance, and understanding, and also according to Ra, an increase in will and faith. I've had a couple of experiences but they are practically indescribable. Ra doesn't describe them because again, the potential for such an experience is great, and personal, and any attempts to define it will just limit and depersonalize it.

Here are some quotes:

Quote:The new material is this: once the green ray has been achieved, the ability of the entity to enter blue ray is immediate and is only awaiting the efforts of the individual. The indigo ray is opened only through considerable discipline and practice largely having to do with acceptance of self, not only as the polarized and balanced self but as the Creator, as an entity of infinite worth. This will begin to activate the indigo ray.

This quote is specifically talking about sexual energy transfers, but I think is applies:

Quote:84.21 Questioner: Is there any way to tell which ray the transfer was for an individual after the experience? Is there any way for the individual to tell in which particular ray the transfer occurred?

Ra: I am Ra. There is only a subjective yardstick or measure of such. If the energies have flowed so that love is made whole, green-ray transfer has taken place. If, by the same entities’ exchange, greater ease in communication and greater sight has been experienced, the energy has been refined to the blue-ray energy center. If the polarized entities, by this same energy transfer experience, find that the faculties of will and faith have been stimulated, not for a brief while but for a great duration of what you call time, you may perceive the indigo-ray transfer. We may not speak of the violet-ray transfer except to note that it is an opening to the gateway of intelligent infinity. Indeed, the indigo-ray transfer is also this but, shall we say, the veil has not yet been lifted.

Here Ra insists that it takes a lot of work in the green ray to get reliable functioning out of the blue/indigo rays:

Quote:To answer your second question more fully we may say that it is correct that radiation without the necessity of response begins with blue ray although the green ray, being the great transitional ray, must be given all careful consideration, for until transfers of energy of all types has been experienced and mastered to a great extent, there will be blockages in the blue and indigo radiations.

Here Ra mentions how you can tell if one is using their indigo ray:

Quote:The indigo ray, though precious, is that ray worked upon only by the adept, as you would call it. It is the gateway to intelligent infinity bringing intelligent energy through. This is the energy center worked upon in those teachings considered inner, hidden, and occult, for this ray is that which is infinite in its possibilities. As you are aware, those who heal, teach, and work for the Creator in any way which may be seen to be both radiant and balanced are those activities which are indigo ray.

Hope that helps a bit!
This is quite helpful. I offer gratitude and many thanks.

Jade in my opinion related the most Important form of the information concerning indigo ray. I would still like to make comment.

My personal experience with indigo start about six years ago. I was just breaking into The Ra material, and I spent far to much time obsessing over the indigo ray. For at least a year and a half I had a delusional path of seeking I followed, and spent every waking minute rigorously calculating and thinking about function and mechanics of metaphysics. The unbalanced underdeveloped rays, and the ways I focused them was...very unhealthy. I had constant blockages and emotional outburst. My teeth hurt all day, my head literally hurt most of the day, with the pain seeming directly were you find tepineal gland. Well my wive and I had children come into our lives, and this caused an unstoppable change in my life. Given it wasn't miraculous or instantaneous. But slowly and surely I would gain ground and balance. It was a true struggle, but I till this day remember that fine morning when negativity fell away leaving a strong balance, faith, and joy in its wake. I had come to realise the importancd, no the very nature of the dynamic whole of life. I understood that no one part was more important, or of more worth. That they are symbiotic in nature, and just as you needed cold to love warmth. You surely needed all the rays bright beautiful and balanced.
The opening to Infinite energy for me was if a hole in my skull with energy pouring in through the opening. It felt as if a huge ball of energy was above my head. I felt Infinite, gargantuant amount of energy pouring through. The mental state is indescribable.
Like Jade said, it's hard to put into words.  Another aspect that Ra mentions a few times (such as in 48.7) that Indigo is the beginning of an understanding of the sacramental nature of all things.  Understanding that ALL activities on Earth are ultimately part of the Creator's design and rejoicing in that knowledge.  And, as I understand it, one who can begin to reliably activate Indigo Ray, then Violet, can potentially be acting as an avatar of the Creator, more or less.  Perhaps not in such a grandiose fashion as the Avatars of the Hindu beliefs like Krishna, but directly connecting and sharing one's experiences with Intelligent Infinity.

I think this might be the most concrete discussion of Indigo (and Violet) Ray transfers in 49.2:

Quote:Questioner: Thank you. I have a question here from Jim first. He says: “For the past nine years I have [had] what I call frontal lobes experiences in the pre-consciousness state of sleep just before I wake up in the morning. They are a combination of pleasure and pressure which begins in the frontal lobes and spreads in pulses through the whole brain and feels like an orgasm in my brain. I have had over 200 of these experiences and often they are accompanied by visions and voices which seldom make much sense to me. What is the source of these frontal lobes experiences?”

Ra: I am Ra. We scan the questioner and find some pertinent information already available which regards the physiological disposition of this particular part of the brain. The experiences described and experienced are those distillations which may be experienced after a concentration of effort upon the opening of the gateway, or indigo, mind complex so that experience of a sacramental, or violet, ray may occur. These experiences are the beginnings of that which, as the body, the mind, and the spirit become integrated at the gateway, or indigo, level, may then yield not only the experience of joy but the comprehension of intelligent infinity which accompanies it. Thus the body complex orgasm and mind complex orgasm becoming integrated may then set forth the proper gateway for the spiritual complex integration and its use as a shuttle for the sacrament of the fully experienced presence of the One Infinite Creator. Thus there is much to which the questioner may look forward.

(And least that's how I interpret those last couple sentences, since Ra is being pretty esoteric.)
(02-07-2017, 12:32 PM)Dee Martin Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in exploring these possibilities. Can anyone offer understanding here?

Thanks. D

I do not know the level that you are currently at, However, from direct experience, it is folly to jump out the gate and target indigo. This is actually one of the most prevailing distortions that seekers seem to have on Earth. My opinion is to really meditate and find where you energy locus is at. Once you have knowledge of were you are at. Begin from there.