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Just a small question, from Q'uo transcript 3.18,2001,

/You hoped that you would begin to move into the heart, for it is the heart, its intuitions and emotions, which contain the true harvest of wisdom, love and truth that lie within you within the sea of confusion./

Also there's the right hemisphere of the brain which is associated with Intuition, so my question being is Intuition coming from both heart and mind? Any clarification/reference or anything related to this subject will be appreciated. Thx!
For me this would be hard to distinguish, honestly.

I would say however, it would be necessary to step out of the inttelectual mind to gain access to the "real" mind.
Intuition arises when thinking stops. Where does it come from?
I dont know Smile
Im just glad it comes and take it.

Emotions have been referred to as "thoughts of the deep mind" by q'uo somewhere.

The brain i would say plays a sub-ordinate role, i would say.
It is neither the root of intuition nor is it the seat of consciousness.

I guess its something like a "transformator"
Honestly, i dont know what the brain really is, i just know what it is NOT Smile

In the quote you posted, there was a portion which you didnt quote.
It said something like "realize the intellectual mind is an inadequate tool".
I think thats what its about.

Not sure if this helps.
Could you maybe re-phrase your question a little bit?
(02-11-2017, 04:41 AM)Muad-dib Wrote: [ -> ]In the quote you posted, there was a portion which you didnt quote.
It said something like "realize the intellectual mind is an inadequate tool".
I think thats what its about.

Not sure if this helps.
Could you maybe re-phrase your question a little bit?

It definitely helped. I agree that the intellectual mind would seem to interpret anything into a logical/orderly fashion, but does not have a 'mind' of its own... That whole session was so good, especially the part about being 'decisively impractical' and the spiritual perspective. It's so good that it makes this small question of minor concern, I wouldn't of raised the question if not for the another related issue:

/49.4 Questioner: Well, please… will you go ahead and comment on it?
Ra: I am Ra. The lobes of your physical complex brain are alike in their use of weak electrical energy. The entity ruled by intuition and impulse is equal to the entity governed by rational analysis when polarity is considered. The lobes may both be used for service to self or service to others. It may seem that the rational or analytical mind might have more of a possibility of successfully pursuing the negative orientation due to the fact that, in our understanding, too much order is by its essence negative. However, this same ability to structure abstract concepts and to analyze experiential data may be the key to rapid positive polarization. It may be said that those whose analytical capacities are predominant have somewhat more to work with in polarizing.

The function of intuition is to inform intelligence. In your illusion the unbridled predominance of intuition will tend to keep an entity from the greater polarizations due to the vagaries of intuitive perception. As you may see, these two types of brain structure need to be balanced in order that the net sum of experiential catalyst will be polarization and illumination, for without the acceptance by the rational mind of the worth of the intuitive faculty the creative aspects which aid in illumination will be stifled.

There is one correspondence between right and left and positive and negative. The web of energy which surrounds your bodies contains somewhat complex polarizations. The left area of the head and upper shoulder is most generally seen to be of a negative polarization whereas the right is of positive polarization, magnetically speaking. This is the cause of the tone’s meaning for you.

Category: Positive Path/

Ideally the brain should be balanced but in reality that is seldom the case. So for a entity ruled by intuition and impulse and usually encounters vagaries and whose creative aspects are a bit stifled, what is the proper approach for balance? Should the entity then seek those governed by rational analysis and knock each other out? What then is the proper balance on a personal level, between the two influences?

This might be a bit mechanical and not very central to the spiritual evolution but right now I just think

/However, this material is, shall we say, of some small interest and is harmless./
Ah, now i understand!
In fact, this question might be of great value here, since the tendency to be on the analytical/intellectual side semms to be predominant.

I think the advantage in analysis considering polarization is, that you would have a control mechanism, that keeps you from acting out unconscious "negative" emotions. And that it gives you a means of understanding whats happening at all.
The disadvantage would be, being stuck in intellect would keep you from "knowing yourself" on a deeper level. One can get lost easily in intellectual "contemplation" , being led astray more and more from the actual deeper issue.
Since the ego has a strong controlling part, intellectual thoughts would be a reflection of that control.
They would also have a controling tendency, leading purposely (although unconsciously) further away from the deeper root of whats happening at that time.
From this perspective, polarization is difficult, because one never knows about ones "hidden agenda".

I am being fascinated with "deep roots" and i believe i have found these (actually this is not the deepest layer, but probably for a long time the deepest one accessible) in trauma.
The choices one made while experiencing trauma are the ones to be corrected now in adult life, in order to polarize positively.
Every controling part of us (including intellectual control) will avoid the traumatic experience to reoccur at ANY price. This would be what makes up our hidden agenda.
So, it would be close to impossible or at least very hard ( and slow) to use the very instrument that KEEPS us from experiencing the root of "bad choice" as a tool to ACCESSthe deeper roots in order to make better choices.
One can make better choices with the intellect purely, but this would need intense discipline, since there is always a (much stronger) force pulling in the opposite direction, which one wouldnt even know.

On the other hand, intellectual control is what can keep us from drowning in emotions and unconsciousness, until the point is reached where there is enough conscious awareness available to stay present. From this point on, intellectual control would not be needed anymore.

This is at least, how i view it at the moment.

A further note:
There is a powerful ancient reathing technique available, called the "alternate nostril breath" which harmonizes male/female energies and synchronizes left brain/ right brain.
If you dont know it and are interested, i will haüpily describe it!
Lol yeah, it's so easy to be sucked into that comfy/secure corner of the rational mind, even if that person is not very rationally intelligent. I mean, the tendency to rely on either influence has something to do with the efficiency/functionality of those faculties as well, i.e. a person might consciously or involuntarily use/rely on more of intuitive faculty if the analytical aspect is not very 'handy', and vice versa. So basic tendencies aside, I'm interested in how would a rationale-inclined person(who has more banlancing work to do) properly balance the lack of intuitive abilities, and how would a intuition-relied person(who encounters vagaries routinely and whose creative aspects are always a bit stifled) properly balance the lack of analytical abilities?

Also I wanted to know, since the heart is also intelligent in a none logical way, what difference is between the heart Intuition and the right hemisphere intuition, or am I mixing things up here?...

And yes, please! I would like to know more about the breathing technique! It sounds a bit funny to me at first lol
Alternate nostril breath

There are quite a few versions around, i will describe the basic technique.
The yogis, who "invented" this technique made the observation, that you usually breath more through one nostril than through the other. This normally switches every twenty minutes or so. You can observe this in youself.
The further observed that, when breathing more through your left nostril, your right brain is being active and vice versa.
This would be the background, the technique aims at balancing both of them. Like in the balancing exercises that Ra spoke of, its not only about both extremes being in balance, but more so (at least to my understanding) about a "deeper truth" that lies beyond polarity arising when both polarities (not talking about sto and sts here) are fully present and permeate each other fully.
So, a higher state of consciousness that is much more than just the sum of left brain plus right brain would arise.

The technique

(Using your right hand, if you switch hands, the fingers have to switch)
Place your forefinger on your third eye
Close your right nostril with your thumb
Breath in through your left nostril counting to seven
Keep your right nostril closed, additionally close your left nostril with your middle finder
Hold your breath counting to seven
Open your right nostril
Exhale counting to seven
Without pausing, inhale through your right nostril counting to seven
Close both nostrils, hold your breath counting to seven
Open your left nostril
Exhale through your left nostril counting to seven

From there on, repeat without pausing

The tantric version involves a little more:
-visualize a equilateral triangle of light, the tip being at your third eye, the other corners being somewhere around your left and right nostril.
When inhaling, visualize a point of light moving up at the ( corresponding to the nostril) side of the triangle to the third eye, resting there as you hold your breath and moving down on the other side as you exhale through the other nostril.

-pelvic diaphragm contraction ( i hope this translation is accurate)
As you inhale, contract your pelvic floor more and more
Hold the contraction at its maximum as you hold your breath
Gradually loosen the contraction as you exhale

Please let me know, if the desription is comprehensible.
Its a liitle bit difficult to explain without showing personnaly, much more in english Smile
That is a interesting and perceptive observation. I never noticed it before. I might do a little research on that. I read before about a acceleration technique for the chakra centers mentioned by the Pleiades, where a person stands and rotates himself in a certain way. Never tried it, tho.

By forefinger do you mean index finger? Otherwise it's perfectly comprehensible! I get a clear picture. Thank you so much. I will have to practice this some other day though, I got a exam the day after tomorrow, I'll let you know how I proceedSmileSmile
Oh, yes, index finger, sorry!
And yes, there are many techniques available that speed up evolution considerably!
Great gifts to humanity Smile

Good luck with exam!