Full Version: Thank you everyone
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"Each thought you have is important. It is important either in a negative or a positive sense. If it is a thought that is of no consequence, it is important to recognize this thought as being of no value. If it is a thought of consequence, then it is necessary that you amplify it and utilize it and communicate it, or it too will be of very little value." - Don channelling Hatton in the very first LlReaserch archives recording.

I find this super interesting in relation to this website. This website is a perfect opportunity for anyone to post any little thing they feel is important. By posting their thoughts, this crystalized them, or makes them more concrete. By doing this, it helps us mature as 3rd density beings.

So I say thank you to everyone reading this, thank you to the channellers, and thank you to every being that contributes to this website.
Giving Thanks, it shouldn't be a thankless job Wink

Thank you for your love Smile