Full Version: Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere
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This is some of the best television I've watched in a while.
(04-04-2017, 05:53 PM)sjel Wrote: [ -> ]This is some of the best television I've watched in a while.

I loved this so much. The veil leads to a lot of suffering, but it also leads to some damn good adventures. You wouldn't get Rick n Morty in the old world. There's something to learn from Rick as well. This is the theoretical result of someone activating the higher energy centers without properly polarising one way or another, turning into an insane god, wreaking havoc on the third dimension without moving towards the creator in any way. Yeah, he's overwhelmingly selfish, but he detests government of all kinds and doesn't seek to raise himself above others in terms of any organised hierarchy. Occasionally he's prone to acts of selflessness as well.

Could such an entity really exist? Kind of reminds me of certain taoist sects. "My fate does not lie in the hands of heaven, my fate lies with myself!" Although the taoists would never inflict harm on other entities, they still seem to detest the idea of becoming part of the STO crowd in any organised sense, such as is presented in Ra's depiction of the 4th density social climate. "The Middle Way" seems to be seeking the creator without distortion towards service.

Back to Rick n Morty. Rick gives us a clear depiction of how NOT to avoid service. Don't be like Rick, tempting as it may be.
I was actually a little disappointed that they resolved all the plotlines so quickly. I was honestly hoping they'd stretch things out a bit, leave Rick in prison for a few eps, something like that. Still, it was certainly a good ep, and holy spitballs, that rant Rick gives at the end. I'm actually a little worried they're going too far in turning him into a total bastard. It'd be harder to like the show if Rick goes full-on heel, rather than remaining morally ambiguous.

But, all that said: F*ck Tammy.