Full Version: Archetype of the one guy in several shows
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I'm trying to figure out who he is archetype wise.

He's the deep guy who is just decent and wise.
He often plays a darker role but watching the storey you find he is opporating more from his trueth despite what other people do. He is loyal to those he cares about even if they screw up he seems to understand why. To me he basically always seems like the most genuine honourable character, even when doing darker things.
I could expand on it but I just woke up.

Mike in breaking bad sticks out as this character.
Lou diamond philips character Standing Bear in Longmire.
Finn in The last kingdom is starting to seem like he will be this character but to early to say for sure.

I'm going to try and think of a few more.
He's always my favourite character in every show so I'm curious what it is I'm seeing, motivation to finally study the archetypes I guess.

Had to edit the title because he's not in every show since I'm struggling to think of other examplesSmile
The problem with easily grasping Ra's versions of the archetypes is that they don't exactly translate to personification in the ways that we are used to. You could say that type of character is represented by the imps in the Significator of the Mind, where the one who is dark in appearance actually resides on the right hand side. This is also sort of echoed in the Moon, where the "dark in appearance" dog guards the path to the right hand tower - the veil deliberately obfuscates superficial appearances.

Oh, I had a good example. Just watched the Lord of the Rings the other night. When the hobbits meet Aragorn the first time (as Strider), they immediately trust him but they are still wary. Frodo says something like, "I believe if he were of the enemy, he would be fairer in appearance, but fouler in feeling" - those who are trying to dupe you are going to try their best to present themselves as upstanding as possible, to hide their true sliminess. Those without pretense are the ones who are often the most genuine and trustworthy.
Wow Jade thanks for that. It's beautiful how you describe it.

I guess that is one more reason for studying this stuff.
I'm a pretty easy target because I want to see the best in people, I always see their wounds and give them infinite chances to rise above their patterns.

Maybe this stuff would help me see some just cannot help who they are in this life.
Like the scorpion on the back of the fox.

Always so much to learn.
Have you thought of writing a book on this? I find it often unpalatable because a lot of the info lacks feeling.
It's strictly technical. You blend the two beautifully.