Full Version: 432hz tuners for music
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Has anyone else tried one of these?
I'm playing with one and so far I can guess which configuration is playing 44hz vs 432hz by how it affects the energy mostly in my third eye area.

Before I could comment on where I felt the energy my husband notes he felt it in the exact area. Curious if others have experienced this.
When I hear 432 I just feel like the athmosphere is less strained. Other than that I would have to compare a song I used to listen to transposed in 432. But the thing is most music is in 440 unless it's specifically mentioned, and it's usually for the comparision purpose or the song only exist in 432 for demonstration purpose. If I've never heard the song before and it's 432, I will hardly notice because I'm so used to 440. But when you hear it, the difference is there, no doubt. It's just that I think if I've never heard the song before and the song has not been chosen to resonate with me in the first place it's not gonna make me vibrate in the third eye like the music I listen to. I would need a sample of a song I am sure to be highly vibrating with in both tuning to have an accurate comparision.
Nevermind, found some very good 432 samples of some of my favortie songs, will comeback with proper feedback when I have vibed in 432 for a little while. Thanks for mentioning the subject. It's awesome to be able to rediscover those songs with different frequencies Smile