Full Version: 13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick and Fat
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1. Eggs Are Bad For Your Health

2. A Calorie is a Calorie (even I know this is BS!!!!!)

3. Saturated Fat is Unhealthy

4. Eating a Lot of Protein is Bad For Your Health

5. Everyone Should be Eating “Heart-Healthy” Whole Wheat

6. Coffee is Bad For You

7. Meat is Bad For You

8. The Healthiest Diet is a Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet (again, even I know this is BS!!!!!)

9. Refined Seed- and Vegetable Oils Are Healthy

10. Low-Carb Diets Are Ineffective and Downright Harmful (and yet again, even I know this is BS!!!!!)

11. Everyone Should be Cutting Back on Sodium

12. Sugar is Bad Because it Contains “Empty” Calories (that fructose will get ya!!!)

13. Fat Makes You Fat

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They like their pigs and sheep chubby~

So what's the real causes to such ill health then?
Maybe meat's not bad for your body but I do feel it's bad for your spirit. I feel extremely heavy and nauseous after I eat meat, even though it tastes great, which is why I don't do it any more. To wean myself off I eat fish every once in a while.

Also, what about a frugivorous diet? Some spiritual masters have advocated eating mostly or all fruit, and that's carbs for the most part.
Honestly I think dairy is the most unhealthy thing that humans consume on a regular basis. "Milk is good for your bones" is truly one of the biggest lies we are told - the reason they add extra calcium to milk is because dairy is so acidic that it actually leeches calcium out of your bones. So, osteoporosis isn't caused by "not enough milk/calcium", but more often likely too much dairy in a lifetime.

I think this list is also a bit misleading in some ways. Obviously innately many of these things won't make you sick, but saying that coffee is good for you because it has lots of antioxidants is half a lie. Fresh roasted coffee, which barely anyone drinks, is healthy and loaded with antioxidants. Coffee that has been roasted and ground weeks/months before you consume it is dead food.
I recently switched to properly roasted non-oily fresh beans and it has been a revelation. I tried some a few years ago and didn't understand it at all. I was so used to that intensely dark, bitter taste. But when I recently tried them back to back, there was no contest. There's no bitterness, it tastes sweet rather than dark, and you really can taste individual berry notes, butterscotch etc. depending on the variety. I don't mind paying twice the cost for it because using almost half the beans you can still get full flavor, plus it helps the farmers/harvesters. In the past year I went from one cup a day to sometimes 3, and switching to the new beans keeps that in check. I think it's a plant and a process that needs to be respected.