Full Version: Wanderer Music Videos
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There is a great deal of artistry that goes in to many music works but in particular I have found music videos to be an interesting and enlightening exploration because the combination creates an incredible experience of cohesion even when the video sometimes seems to be unrelated. The way that the video can express the emotional image of the music through concepts and ideas and colours is quite profound.

Sometimes I come across videos that seem to stir something in me and 'remind' me of deeper things, the Light I always know is there. I'd like to share some and see what other interesting music videos people have seen.

This whole DVD is actually awesome; watched it on mushrooms once and that was a hell of a trip.
I usually like when videos have some wacky animations to represent the emotional athmosphere. Here are two videos that have stood out for me. They're a little dark but very artistic and deep I think.

This one has a little sad storyline going on with some shadow animation

This one is a little psychedelich at the same time and seem to portray the darkness of mankind's society

unexpectedly heart-stirring. especially the guys' looks at the end.