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What The Health is a new documentary that has just been/will be within a few days added to Netflix. The film is an aggregate of studies and scientists that all discuss the ways our food systems make us sick, and how the things we think we're supposed to worry about regarding nutrition are mostly successful marketing schemes.

As someone who is intimately aware of our food production system, I was still shocked by things I learned throughout the film.

Did you know that human milk has the lowest amount of protein out of ANY mammal? 1/9th of the protein level of rat's milk.

Did you know that what you eat can literally change your DNA?

Did you know that processed meat is group one carcinogen, meaning it's considered as dangerous as cigarettes and asbestos?

Did you know North Carolina has the same amount of pigs as they do humans, except pigs create 10x as much excrement/waste as a human? Part of the movie focuses on the illnesses of people who are too poor to live anywhere but right next to the toxic pig lots. Asthma and unexplained cancer are rampant - and nobody eats pork!

The real smoking gun/realization for me was the involvement of big pharma. We tend to think that our system creates sick humans so that we can medicate them, and that creates profits, right? Well, the human illnesses to profit from are just a serendipitous side effect of the true revenue flow - drugs for livestock. We raise BILLIONS of animals in the US every year, and most of those get fed a cocktail of drugs, antibiotics, etc. This is a status quo that many, many very wealthy corporations would rather not disturb, but I truly believe the most invested is big pharma.

Yes, the conclusion of the movie is that food is medicine, and eating a whole foods plant based diet has been proven over and over and over and over again to heal some of the sickest people. In one study, 99.4% of people who were at high risk for a cardiac event who went on a plant based diet removed any further instances of cardiac troubles.

The facts are there. The science is there. If you're chronically sick in any way, this movie is a must-see.