Full Version: Ra Activist trashes Orion monument
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Vandal destroys covert empire monument in the name of "freedom".
An official was quoted as saying, in the typical Orion manner;

Quote:“resorting to property destruction is never the answer to a policy disagreement”.
I'm actually down for this. That's pretty fun.
Thou shalt not make to thyself any graven images.

Good guy worshipper of God, knows the second commandment applies to monuments about the commandments also.
Could have been worse...

Next stop for some divinely-dispensed lightworker/self-appointed delusionary (only The Shadow knows for sure!) working along Reed's lines (albeit with maybe a commandeered tank or heavy bulldozer or something): Elbert County, Georgia, USA, home of the monumental "American Stonehenge", the infamous and somewhat sinister Georgia Guidestones, erected almost four decades ago by the low-profile but evidently dead-earnest and deep-pocketed "R. C. Christian" ...

[Image: 10-com-of-guidestones.jpg?w=720] 

Representative tourist comments left in GoogleMaps "reviews" after viewing the Stones [not the band]:

> "I would not waste my time. It's just some large granite slabs with some BS written on the several langues. The only thing worth knowing is the not knowing who or what commissioned them."

> "The psychopaths that erected these want to kill 7 billion people and here you have people raving about how cool these stones are. Wake up. Turn from sin and seek Yahushua (Jesus)."

> "9/10ths of y'all got to go. LOL."

> "Fighting Jihad (For the sake of Allah) is the only way against the (New World Order). Islam is your only salvation!"

> "For a complete and comprehensive understanding of these stones then you must read the book 'The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth'.Before reading this book you have to open your mind to things that you may have never heard or comprehended before. All of the guides inscribed on the stones will make perfect sense after reading this one book. The first, and most important one, is definitely mentioned directly in the book. This is the complete understanding of life as we know it. I know this because I am one of the volunteers that has come here for this very special time for Earth and our Universe."

> "I'm not really sure how to rate this because apparently it's just some strange landmark erected by some eccentric billionaire that has ties to some manner of conspiracy theories. But it is in a rather scenic field where there are horses, so I guess that's something."

> "amazing . how much power a set of rocks and have with no electronic parts no cranks no pedals no wheels. not even a handle ./. yet ppl believe in these rocks . stand in front of them and they tell you how high to jump. i know the name of the person who paid to have them put up. that make him HUMAN .NOW LISTEN he is , you are , i am animal; we are born to protect us me you . as a psychologist i know research and confirm and watch it everyday . we have mostly selfish intentions . behind the man who paid was another man . who footed the bill . he was not a like able man . and you should be careful when you let a rock tell you how high to jump"

> "The elite suck donkey anus. We have just as much right to life as those scumbags do."

> "wont happen pathetic dreams of delusional scum.. y`all can try but we the humans will defeat all of you jesuit/vatican scum, we will win big time : ) no way we will let satan win this war! bring it on we have god ; ) come on jesuits... you all are nothing more then transsexual scum freaks xD hehe pathetic : ) " 

> "'NEW WORLD ORDER' Wacko Commie eyesore"

> "A message to the children who will one day inherit the earth after leaving wayward pines aka Denver International Airport." 

> "I bet they could fall like dominoes"

More comments:

[Image: 348s.jpg]

[Image: 16058fc6b303dff40e720137742eaf7a.jpg]

[Image: i-don-t-speak-all-the.jpg] (Inevitable TGTFO-shot, no exceptions)

[Image: Letgo_GeorgiaGuidestones.jpg]

A contending theory emerges!:

Example of violently breaking the 13th Commandment:

Examples of meekly breaking the 15th Commandment:

One concept that is interesting and potentially applicable to similar situations is: resistance against elites versus infringement of free will.

Arkansas is 79% Christian (49% Evangelical) according to

It's also the 5th most religious state according to

For the sake of argument, if we assume that it is possible for the collective of a state to choose (consciously or unconsciously) distorted principles - or a perhaps even an STS set of principles - at what point is the line crossed between legitimate resistance versus infringement of that collective free will decision?


This touches upon a bigger movement within many spiritual communities: The "saving of America from elites" (you can replace saving phrase with another such as "freeing America from elites")  At some point, does one switch from the saving of all America from elites to the saving individuals from elites because the American collective has chosen to be willingly (if unconsciously) enslaved? Does this occur when it is clear that 51% of Americans wish to be enslaved? 80%? 90%? 

At what point does the desire to spread STO philosophy become like the preacher/missionary who can't take no for an answer and continues to force their philosophy down people's throats - for their own good - which of course isn't truly STO due to STO's respect for free will. 

When does one accept that a collective has chosen to be enslaved for the time being, does it change one's interaction with that collective (and do we only serve to aid them in the comfort as sleeping, which Ra states is appropriate in some cases?)
(07-01-2017, 03:45 PM)xise Wrote: [ -> ]When does one accept that a collective has chosen to be enslaved for the time being, does it change one's interaction with that collective (and do we only serve to aid them in the comfort as sleeping, which Ra states is appropriate in some cases?)

Quote:18.6 Questioner: Basically I would say that to infringe on the free will of another self or another entity would be the basic thing never to do under the Law of One. Can you state any other breaking of the Law of One than this basic rule?

Ra: I am Ra. As one proceeds from the primal distortion of free will, one proceeds to the understanding of the focal points of intelligent energy which have created the intelligences or the ways of a particular mind/body/spirit complex in its environment, both what you would call natural and what you would call man-made. Thus, the distortions to be avoided are those which do not take into consideration the distortions of the focus of energy of love/light, or shall we say, the Logos of this particular sphere or density. These include the lack of understanding of the needs of the natural environment, the needs of other-selves’ mind/body/spirit complexes. These are many due to the various distortions of man-made complexes in which the intelligence and awareness of entities themselves have chosen a way of using the energies available.

Thus, what would be an improper distortion with one entity is proper with another. We can suggest an attempt to become aware of the other-self as self and thus do that action which is needed by other-self, understanding from the other-self’s intelligence and awareness. In many cases this does not involve the breaking of the distortion of free will into a distortion or fragmentation called infringement. However, it is a delicate matter to be of service, and compassion, sensitivity, and an ability to empathize are helpful in avoiding the distortions of man-made intelligence and awareness.

The area or arena called the societal complex is an arena in which there are no particular needs for care for it is the prerogative/honor/duty of those in the particular planetary sphere to act according to its free will for the attempted aid of the social complex.

Thus, you have two simple directives: awareness of the intelligent energy expressed in nature, awareness of the intelligent energy expressed in self to be shared, when it seems appropriate, by the entity with the social complex, and you have one infinitely subtle and various set of distortions of which you may be aware; that is, distortions with respect to self and other-selves not concerning free will but concerning harmonious relationships and service to others as other-selves would most benefit.

I think as far as societal/collective/yellow ray goes, we are supposed to act as we see fit, including planting seeds of awareness. As far as orange ray/one-on-one interactions goes, I think we need to play it by ear more to make sure we aren't trying to force something down someone else's throat.

But, I think most people program "blocks" to things that they aren't prepared for. I think it takes a lot of effort to break through something like that - which would then in turn likely be a violation of the other entity's free will, if it isn't done purely through love and acceptance.

But, if I wanted to make a blog or a podcast or whatever discussing in detail aliens and religion etc etc, that wouldn't be violating anyone's free will, because people who don't want to see it will never come upon it, and those who do need the information to rearrange their beingness in that moment will find it when they are ready.

Quote:8.1 Questioner: I have a question about [what] I call the advertising of the Confederation. It has to do with free will. There have been certain contacts allowed, as I understand, by the Council, but this is limited because of free will of those who are not oriented in such a way that they could maybe want contact. This material that we are doing now will be disseminated. Dissemination of this material will be dependent upon the wants of [a] relatively small number of people on the planet. Many people on the planet now want this material, but even though we disseminate it they will not be aware it is available. Is there any possibility of creating some effect which I would call advertising, or is this against the principle of free will?

Ra: I am Ra. Consider, if you will, the path your life-experience complex has taken. Consider the coincidences and odd circumstances by which one thing flowed to the next. Consider this well.

Each entity will receive the opportunity that each needs.
This information source-beingness does not have uses in the life-experience complex of each of those among your peoples who seek. Thus the advertisement is general and not designed to indicate the searching out of any particular material, but only to suggest the noumenal aspect of the illusion.
Thank you for the thoughts and that quotation Jade. Great to see Ra discuss the distinction between infringement via orange ray and infringement via yellow ray interactions. 

I find my understanding of yellow ray/orange ray line to be blurry, especially in small groups. Looking at the situation at hand - one breaking down of a public monument that someone in society, where, for the purposes of the line of thought let us assume that the tablet has strong societal support - that seems like yellow-ray interaction, but perhaps a bit more forceful one than loving in such a constructed scenario?

I know I'm pushing the relevancy to the OP, but I find this subject fascinating. Let me turn to an example that is closer for home to all of us, which I would love to get your thoughts on. How about for the typical small house party acquaintance-based political/philosophy discussion, where the issue of whether I'm unraveling someone's worldview too strongly and against their will is often a concern to me. How would you view the typical 4 person political/philosophy conversation with acquaintances involving standing around, holding drinks, and discussing something in the group of 4 intermixed with 1 on 1 conversations? Probably a combination of yellow and orange ray? Or because you don't know and speak to them as a stranger/acquaintance, is it more yellow ray, even during the intermixed 1 on 1s? If the information is in the form of a monologue on my part without much interactivity, that would argue for yellow ray? If it's an interaction discussion where I discuss and attempt to unravel each perceived distortion that an individual raises, that would be more orange ray it seems?
I think it helps to remember that each chakra has sub-chakras - so like, is this a second level of the third ray or third level of the second ray? I think in situations like what you describe, I would probably attribute it more to the yellow ray, just because once a group reaches 4 I think group dynamics tend to take over. I think, for example, if the fourth person is totally not interested, that they would spend the evening drinking too much and probably not recollecting much of the conversation. Or, it could be important for them, even if they are closed minded, to hear friends discussing concepts that they had yet to consider - planting seeds, really.

I think that's why it's good to have an active assessment of your chakras, so that in the moment, a situation like that, you could feel the energies. I'm sure our output bounces around a bit when we are socializing - and especially drinking. But it is tricky.
Oh, so "Ra Activists" are people who promote violence in the name of the Law of One material? Sounds GREAT! Where do I sign up to fight the jihad for Ra?

Ashim, oh kitsune brother, did you realize this is the inflection caused by your title spin? This could be damaging to our reputation as Ra Activists (I like that better than "Students of the LoO" now) who live by the golden rule of treat others as yourself. As a Law of One studen... sorry, Ra Activist yourself, you realize this puts us in a bad light, right? Let's move away from this association, and attempt to paint Ra Activists in their true light, one of honor and humility.