Full Version: If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine
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This is an interesting take on 3, 6, 9 that fascinated Tesla so much.
Cool! I was born at 3:30am on 3/30/1986 (1+9+8+6= 24/8 =3). I love 3s. Smile
If having the key to the universe results in cleaning your plate with 18 napkins, I don't want it.
Tesla was strategically led astray in certain areas of thought by STS influencers; this failing of his is little-known to those who uncritically idolize him. His numerological notion of the all-importance of the 3-6-9 sequence is symptomatic of one of those distorted areas.

All esoterically right-thinking people know that the crucial sequence is actually 3-0-9; that one little digit makes a world of difference for those who successfully can make the proper connection with it.

By the way, speaking of N. Tesla, here's a current bit of Internetz kudzu concerning him which is metastasizing exponentially.
It's an exemplary display of the Perfect Storm-type affordance given by such a communications medium to the grand symbiotic conjoining of the not-so-morally-upright and the not-very-overly-informed, in service of distorting the truth in the sociology-of-knowledge free-for-all of public-domain anonymous groupthink:

The Purportedly Long-lost/Long-censored "Last Interview of Tesla"
Version from a conventionally "scientific" source:
Version from a conventionally "spiritual" source:

A commonsensical analysis:

This is a literary hoax of the same order as the cinematical one pointed to with alarm at .

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