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I would like to share songs and artist i and others find spiritual. please add your songs to this thread. Adding songs would be much appreciated if not by all then by myself.

this is a group named klaxons i am very fond off and one of their albums called love frequency

if a thread like this was created please add mine to it
I'm really into listening to kirtan and singing along with chants as I find it really helps tune our consciousness. I like this band Arjun and Guardians Cave of Brahma:
This my first multitrack recording in a long while. Most all of it is done with single takes on my iPad using voice memos and GarageBand for the extra tracks. This is 8 tracks with my new Luna acoustic guitar, Shiva. She sounds absolutely wonderful and is a lot more playable than Dave, an acoustic guitar that was given to me by my church after my wonderful Taylor 214CE, Tay Tay was destroyed by police. I’ve got more worship tracks on the way. And I’m making a whole worship playlist on SoundCloud that’s all acoustic and tuned to healing frequencies.

-Much love.


Angra (yes heavy metal can also be spiritual)

Shadow Gallery

A choral classic by the Russian composer. Bogoroditse - the Orthodox version of Ave Maria. This is my favourite recording of this song. Like music from heaven.

Ziggy Marley - We Are One

This could be the Law of One Hymn! Smile