Full Version: Just read one of the most interesting books
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The Fight for Immortality by Peter Arthur

Science fiction.

One of the best books I've ever read.
Deals with many of the themes people here are interested in.
Intelligent. Thought provoking. Philosophical.
I was truly impressed at the quality and depth.
It's kinda' hard to say much about it without giving stuff away.
I lol'd and then got goosebumps.
Some really profound stuff.
Soul transference. Walk ins. Reincarnation. STO. Space travel.
How a "peaceful" alien takeover could happen here.
The author is just an amazing thinker with a grip on spiritual things.
Very long read but never drags.

Anyway. Sorry for the skimpy review.
But this book is really in a class by itself.
Kindle version.
Thanks for the tip, Berilac! I got it and started reading. The author is clearly a wanderer, and the story is very engaging. Great find!
I will check it out! Thank you for the recommendation