Full Version: Valerian
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I thought this movie was wonderful! I don't usually go to the movies, but this one stood out to me. Even more so when I saw the film!


The film started out with ET races shaking hands and joining together for a space station, that eventually became so massive that it became its own "city". So it starts out with a nice theme, harmony and the possibilities of working together that result therefrom.

I was particularly impressed with the Mül people. To me, this was an example of a positive harmonious third density planet. They quite literally lived in paradise. It's not enough that a planet is a paradise, rather it is the souls who inhabit the planet. The Mül people were highly intelligent and spiritual.

Towards the ending, their leader spoke words of great wisdom and love, "We can forgive but how can we forget?" They weren't interested in getting back at those who destroyed their planet and people. No, they forgave them and started anew. Rather than be a victim, they chose to keep going forward.

The Mül people had another impressive quality, wisdom. Their weapons weren't designed to kill, rather their weapons stunned and neutralized the target. No one in that city could compete with their technology.

It ended on a nice note as well. The power of love transformed Valerian. His love for Laureline breaks him out of the rigid mold he was in. Always following the rules. Yet there are always exceptions to rules. This is a breakthrough to the open heart in my opinion.

Anyway, I thought this film was wonderful! I highly recommend this to those of Bring4th. I think you all would appreciate the themes of the film, and the stunning beauty and imagination.
Yeh, sort of thought so when the bad reviews came in. Seemed like an orchestrated effort to trash the movie.
I'll be going, love Luc Besson, and just wish my daughter could be with me for the evening. Oh, well, solo kino evening it is.