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Can you ascend if you still identify with either male or female? If so, how far, into which density and how?

Is there a correlation between male/female and polarity? If so, do these biases become confused during the cycle? 

Chaos anyone?

I get the impression that... concepts which somewhat correlate to 'male' and 'female' persist through 5th Density. Ra does make reference to there being sexual-style activity up through 6D as well which I also think implies that gender-style divisions persist for some time. However, since 6D sexual activity is pure fusion, I'd tend to think that's when concepts of gender are totally discarded, like other binary distortions are discarded during the course of 6D.

I don't think there's much correlation between gender and polarity, though. But that gets tricky since it would be difficult for us to separate human gender-roles-as-social-constructs from the sort of... abstracted... gender which would exist in higher and\or non-corporal densities. I have a vague idea of it from my interactions with my guides, but it's hard to put into words. I guess a super-simplified version might be to say it primarily involves one's role in sexual energy exchanges. Ie whether one is, so to speak, pitcher or catcher. I know there's more to it than that, but again, getting into stuff that barely translates at all to human-think.

Otherwise, I think that it's the WAYS sex-style activities and sexual energies are used which correlate to polarity (ie, dominance vs mutualism) rather than gender.
I agree with APW, and want to speculate that perhaps there is more than 2 genders in the bigger picture of the universe.  Like if we take this famous image from Hubble (which looks like something out of photoshop but made by God rather than a computer):

[Image: hudf.jpg]

And one of the various questions that comes to mind after I tell myself there's probably life in one of those galaxies is if they experience things the same ways we do.  We've already found planets that don't behave according to our physical laws in other parts of our own galaxy, perhaps things like gender are the same.

Might be Star Trekian-ish here but if there is more than just male or female, I think 3D and all the above will have compensations for that, and further I speculate that we'll have individualized or collectivized portions of densities meant to cater to the different ways available within each density.

For instance, would you say Humanity is a binary gender species?  Some argue that we're not, that we have confined the reality of gender identity into a binary one instead of accepting that there is more going on than men and women.  Some people are born with both genitalia, are they man or woman?  Some people are born with such vast hormonal differences that they cannot identify as their physical sex.

So, the sexual societal identifiers we have make for a good generalistic way to equate concepts that may be outside of our field of experience.  such as the male belonging to the manifest and the female belonging to the potentiation.

Everything is a gradient, so it's possible to have masculine females and feminine males.  I wouldn't attribute too much of those labels as having power over whether or not something will happen during Harvest.

As for actual discussion of the social implications of sex and gender and the sociology and psychology involved, I don't want to go there Big Grin
(10-03-2017, 11:24 AM)Ashim Wrote: [ -> ]Can you ascend if you still identify with either male or female? If so, how far, into which density and how?

I don't believe ascension has anything to do with the sexual energy that we most identify with. Our violet ray fingerprint (for want of a better term) denotes our readiness to ascend. Though I do think a stable, or consistent sense of gender identity could act as an indicator for a more balanced individual.

(10-03-2017, 11:24 AM)Ashim Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a correlation between male/female and polarity? If so, do these biases become confused during the cycle? 

This context of polarity is quite different to your initial query, if I understand you correctly, because it refers to metaphysics. Gender identity is about which sexual expression we most identify with, as far as I currently understand it. Biological sex is self evident (undo your zip for the small (or large) print). Polarity is more about our psychological maturity. Service to others is the natural outgrowth of psychological maturity, and service to self is the alternative type of maturity that knowingly exploits the psychological immaturity of others. Our confusion is merely an indicator that we have yet to develop a clear communication with our higher selves. I'm sure most folks, have at one time or another had the opportunity to meet a new understanding of "personal identity". It's just easier to trust in a cultural or ideological narrative of who we are and what we stand for.

So in the abstract, metaphysical sense, you could equate the word "female" with one path, and the word "male" with the other path. This terminology bears no relevance to our sexual identity
or gender preference. Neither does it shed any light (I suspect) on what you are actually asking.

If I suspect correctly, then no, there is no correlation between gender preference and harvestability ( ie, psychological maturity)

(10-03-2017, 11:24 AM)Ashim Wrote: [ -> ]Chaos anyone?

When I was in my mid teens I attempted to give oral to a close acquaintance. I would say more but their identity should remain unknown. What I learn't from that experience was that I was driven by my hormonal urges and I had no opportunity at the time to experiment with the opposite sex. I quickly learned which polarity I was oriented to because I did not enjoy it!

You could call it a process of distillation Tongue

Well, we still incarnate into male and female bodies in the higher densities. Those are the only two options. Male corresponds to the active, positive; while female corresponds to the passive, negative. This is only in terms of body polarity, not polarity of consciousness.

Ra said that every male is female and every female is male. Q'uo also stated when asked about their gender: "we are male. We are female. We are both, and we are neither."

At the soul level we are One (the Law of One). At the surface level of our incarnation we've chosen either a male or female body. Each individual will have a unique balance of male and female energies. Some males may have more feminine energy, while some females have more masculine characteristics and energy. Yet still the foundation of our body is either male or female.

I believe this goes on all the way to 6D. In 7D, there is no more need to recycle bodily complexes. (6D has sexual fusion of male and female. Both are One.) These entities are making their way back to the Creator. They are just about finished and complete. You can't say that a 7D entitie is male or female. They are both and neither.