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Hi all. I am new here after falling in love with the LOO material.  Here is "my story" which took place over the last three years but took almost twenty-three years to prepare. Well, since this involved a SERIOUS preincarnative choice, it took a lot longer than that haha!

After reading and rereading The Law of One material I understand how and most importantly why my spiritual journey happened the way it did as well as how it is unfolding. What a ride!

I wrote this over a year ago and again, it was for my facebook friends - hundreds of which knew that I volunteered for an organization (Raelian Movement) for almost twenty-three years. This org is based on information given to a man in 1973 by an ET by the name of Yahweh. I know now this ET was misrepresenting itsef. ;-)  Anyway, this is a long read already so I will stop here.  Hope you enjoy. :-)

Some of my “real life” friends know the following story which I am sharing with my Facebook friends now. The reason I am taking the time to put it in writing and posting it here is 1) Many people have asked for the full story, 2) In doing so I believe it will give confidence to others to understand that things like this are possible. There is a shift in consciousness happening and it would behoove us all to speak about these things in order to bring in more of the proper energy. There are people on this planet who incarnated here in order to raise the collective vibration. If you don't know who you are yet, this story may remind you of that fact. If you are already aware of this, then we need to step into that role officially.

This is a story of “faith and engagement in that faith”, a phrase from Kahotep. (whom I will introduce you later) It's not a short story but it's interesting to say the least. This chapter of my life has transformed me in ways I never dreamed of and I am present in the current chapter.

It started 2.5 years ago. (approx November 2013 but actually in hindsight it started with the 12/2012 shift but I did not believe in that at the time) ) Something was telling me “You're going back to KC”. I did not want to go. I loved my life of 30 years in the desert (Las Vegas). Over those months the voice kept telling me, louder and louder each time “You need to go to KC”. After about nine months I understood I need to listen to that voice (Important note here: It was not literally a voice. It was more of a very strong “knowing”) I acquiesced and three months later went to KC. At the time, I was thinking maybe it's my parents? Maybe I need to be there for them? (They are fine, BTW) But even then that same “voice” was telling me there is something more.

So I arrived in KC April 6 2015. It was cloudy and rainy almost 4 months straight. The truth is that I struggled. Gradually, I met people who showed me demonstrable proof of several esoteric things I never believed in for the previous twenty years. I do now. I also started meeting people with whom I now know I had soul contracts.

Now, having said that, semantics are a huge caveat. Words like “soul”, “spirit”, “karma”, “energy” and many more words can very much shut us down depending on our paradigms and how attached we are to our definitions of those terms as well as how willing we are to be open to alternative ideas. All I'm trying to say is that I now have direct experience in these “mystical woo-woo” things and my mind has been, well, beautifully blown. I know I have a lot of old friends reading this who will not be able to accept this and I understand. I love and respect you yet what I have experienced is real.

Moving on … Two months after arriving in K.C. (June, 2015) I started feeling some serious pins-and-needles in my hands and feet. It spread to my arms and legs. It lasted for months. The chiropractors I were seeing at the time could do nothing for it. We all assumed that it was a pinched nerve in my neck. Over time the sensation decreased but I still have this sensation today even if it is to a lesser degree. It comes and goes but it happens all over my body.

Building a new life in K.C. meant that as a yoga teacher, I was going to as many studios as possible trying to find my tribe. A (great) Ashtanga teacher, Gwen, told me a freaky story of a woman by the name of Toby, a healer. She opens Akashic Records, does Mid Life Therapy, Numerology and a whole laundry list of other esoteric skills which, again, I had not really believed in for over twenty years. It was mystical, invited charlatans, etc. - but Gwen's story was compelling. Gwen's brother was very mean spirited and apparently had been so for many years. She asked Toby to meet with her brother and in one visit he became kind and generous. One visit. Toby said that she removed a negative entity which was attached to him. My curiosity was piqued and I decided to flirt with that which I did not believe in. On September 10, 2015 I went to see Toby. She tested me in several ways which I did not understand and then upon opening my Akashic Records she told me things about myself which noooo one could possibly know. Among those many things and she told me “Yes, you came here for your parents but they were they bait on the hook to get you here. You came here to work through some karma.” In that moment I felt like saying “What in the world did I do because I don't want to be here!” LOL. Three hours later, I left trying to take it all in. Over the next few days it just sort of faded from my memory.

By that time, I had also met my yoga mentor, Gretchen. Like Toby, she has been deeply involved in similar things regarding energy, healing, channeling, etc. In her yoga studio she regularly hosts a man by the name of Rich who is extremely skilled in these things. He trance channels a being by the name of Kahotep. This means that he is able to go into a trance like state and facilitate a higher vibrational being to speak through his mouth. I was, again, skeptical at that point in time but that skepticism was removed. More on him later...

Fast forward to four months later, January 2016. My yoga mentor, Gretchen, as well as a mutual friend, Nancy invited me to do an energy work session. It lasted around two hours. I was lying on the ground and Gretchen was drawing in energy and “sewing up things” in my energy body. Our other friend, Nancy, was sitting to the side with eyes closed channeling her Spirit Guides. Gretchen knew that I did not particularly want to be living in KC at the time. (especially in January LOL) Unsolicited by me, she asked Nancy “Can Ricky leave KC yet?” Nancy replied “He's home”. When I heard that I had that initial belly pump one has when they are about to cry. I'm sure you know it. But I did not cry. I had already experienced those emotions re: the move to KC and learned to navigate all that. But about 15 seconds later Gretchen looked at Nancy and asked “What's wrong”. Eyes still closed, Nancy was crying. Nancy said “If you won't cry we will cry for you.” Her Spirit Guides knew exactly what I was feeling. That went to my core and it might you as well.

About twenty minutes later out of nowhere Nancy said “He was one of Yeshua's Disciples” (Jesus' real, well, his real nickname) to which Gretchen immediate and emphatically said “THAT is why you are here! All of His disciples, followers, students of the Ancient Mystery Schools, etc. have been called here for some reason. I am not sure what that reason is but you're all drawn here.” After two hours in the session I left, again, trying to take it all in and after a few days it sort of faded from being anything all that important. Again, this was all new and unbelievable to me.

As the next four months unfolded I grew to love my life there. The geographic area is extremely grounding. Extremely so! By the time March came around I had no thoughts/desires of leaving whatsoever. I truly loved it there. I was playing in a fun band, I had created a very cool living space, teaching 17 yoga classes a week and loving it.

Then around May 30, 2016 I was picking up something from a table and out of nowhere that same “voice” told me VERY clearly “It's complete. You can leave.” Completely stunned, I sent the thought out “What? Are you sure?” (again, it was more of a sense of “knowing”) It responded very clearly “If it's not complete now it will be very soon.” The following day I told my dad. The day after I told my mom. I would probably be going back out west. Probably in about 4-5 months as I felt there was something else which needed to take place there. Besides, I was in no hurry since I now loved it there.

Three weeks later (around June 20, 2016) I was in the neighborhood and decided I would go listen to Kahotep. I had not attended these events for the past 7 months or so but I had the strong urge to go that night without knowing why. At the end of these channeling sessions, one is invited to sit one on one with Kahotep and receive and ask questions, receive a blessing, etc. I sat in front of Kahotep and he said “You have a question.” He did not ask me. He t-o-l-d me that I have a question. I did not have a question in mind when I walked up but what popped out of my mouth was “I moved here a little over a year ago”. It was then he interrupted me. I was going to ask “I moved here a little over a year ago in order to complete something. Is it complete yet?”. (Referring to that karma needing to be worked through I mentioned earlier) But as I said, he interrupted me. I only uttered “I moved here a little over a year ago” and he interrupted me and said ... “Not yet but it will be very soon”. He told me EXACTLY what that “voice” had told me three weeks earlier. Exactly. At that moment it became real. LOL. I was ecstatic. Not ecstatic because I could leave KC. As I said, I loved my life there at that point. But ecstatic to confirm that I am indeed in contact with “ that voice”. (My soul, spirit guides ….whatever... enter semantics trap here) It's much more than an intuition. It's like an intuition greatly amplified. I thanked him and started to stand. He stopped me and said “My dear, very soon you will be connected with Divine Grace”. I was not (and am still not) sure exactly what that is but I know it's a good thing! ;-)

I left that evening and while driving home I had the deep desire to go deeper into meditation. I made a pact with myself to do that the next day. Within 2 minutes of that next meditation, my 3rd eye chakra started to “buzz/tingle”. Immediately after, my crown chakra started doing the same thing. Then my throat, heart and solar plexus chakras started doing the same thing. It literally felt like 20 volts were going through my top 5 chakras. It continues to happen almost every waking moment of my life and it's so blissful that I have tears in my eyes if I just sit and be present in this.

Over the next few months I had many other clear confirmations who were telling me (sometimes without my even asking them) confirming the information “that voice” had so emphatically told me in May. It got to the point where I would just laugh out loud. For example, I vaguely know a fellow yoga teacher, Kim. She channels. She does not trance channel like Rich does with Kahotep. This type of channeling is when one taps into certain energies from the universe and can ascertain certain information. It's very similar to opening the Akashic Records. I have since completed the same training and it turns out I've already been doing it my whole life. (So do you and everyone else) Anyway, three months after Kahotep told me “Not yet but it will be very soon” I sat in a short session with Kim. She told me that my upper chakras were unusually clear and I laughed. (All that buzzing and bliss) I had not told her anything about the buzzing but I told her then. I asked her “Can you tell the karma I was supposed to work it complete yet?”. (Again, this meeting was three months after Kahotep told me “Not yet but it will be very soon”) She immediately said “It's JUST wrapping up right now”. I asked her “Can you tell w-h-a-t exactly the karma was which I was needing to complete?” She paused and said “You needed to be in this region...something to do with an energy exchange which needed to take place.” I laughed out loud because I had the strong feeling the karma had something to do with what Nancy had said re: my being a disciple of Yeshua's and Gretchen telling me that this is why I was drawn to the region. Kim went on to say “You are free to leave and go anywhere you are happy. ( I had NOT told Kim I was planning to leave KC) ...You completed what you needed to do here. I see Las Vegas as pink (she is clairvoyant meaning that she sees images and it's not just a “knowing” as I personally receive. She is especially gifted) as well as KC being pink. You're free to be anywhere at all now.”

Before leaving KC I listened to Kahotep 2 more times. Four months after he told me “Not yet but it will be very soon.” I asked him “Can you tell me what I'm feeling in my top 5 chakras?” He said “Does it not feel good?” (He has a sense of humor) I replied “It feels wonderful! Is it …?” Again, he interrupted me and finished my sentence and told me “It is preparing you for Divine Grace” which he told me those four months earlier. I asked what was happening, what is the tingling was in my chakras. He said “Your vibration is being adjusted.”

Remember the pins-and-needles? I finally know the cause of the pins-and-needles as well. I have been being “worked on” in order to adjust my vibration – and it's blissful. :-)

This story is already long so I will not go into the other confirmations from many others whom I never even asked but who simply blurted out the same exact confirmations as I told you above here. It really has turned into an LOL experience over the past few months. I am now “accidentally” meeting the right tribe in Las Vegas and I am more officially stepping into my role as a healer. Channeling, starting to work in the Akashic Records and studying energy healing and a form of numerology that absolutely stopped me in my tracks. This stuff is real. I was a skeptic but no more.

Direct experience has proven to me the existence of certain energies and it never would have happened if I had not followed that inner voice. THIS is why I am sharing this with you. If you and I met, it was 1) Not by accident and 2) for more than one reason. Listening to that inner voice (the theme for my last few classes in KC as well as recent Vegas classes) is beyond important. It is the most important thing we can do.

Because I heeded the call of my Self, the most difficult thing I ever did (by far) in my life in leaving my then home of Las Vegas turned out to be the most beautiful story of my life. It often works that way, right?

So, thank you for being a part of the most beautiful events of my life. Thank you to my Spirit Guides, the Angels and Arch Angels and any other True Light Beings who have been working through me and literally working on me – and a special love and recognition to people like Toby, Gretchen, Rich, Kim, Matt and others, (my undying gratitude to Kahotep)

This is without a doubt the most powerful experience of my life and it is thanks to one action; Surrender. Ishvara Pranidhana. I surrendered to that voice even though "I" did not want to and my world went from 3D to 5D. No kidding, guys. 5D and I feel it at any moment I start to meditate and even when I'm not trying to do it. My vibration is raising and I am in an eye watering blissful state of mind at least twelve hours a day. I'm doing all I can to deserve that. "They" are working on me now and the pins-and-needles continue as well as the buzzing chakras and who know what else. :-)

"Faith and engagement". (Kahotep) This is what drew me to KC and what brings me back to Vegas as well. I was actually loving my life in KC - something I would not have dreamed of saying a year or two ago. But the voice told me on May 30 to return and I know better than to ignore that voice. The confirmations have been eerie yet crystal clear.

Dear ones, there is SO MUCH LOVE raining down upon all of us right now. Listen to that inner voice and toss away the umbrella.

Thank you for our soul contract together and thank you for reading this. If you read this all the way through then you and I may have unfinished things to do.

Love and light to all.
Very inspiring, almost autobiographical.

I'm especially interested in if you could offer an idea to others of what it was like for you going from a nonbeliever of the metaphysical side to a Lightworker.

That's like flipping a coin lol

I would be very blessed if I could ever find a teacher like this Toby you mentioned.

I hope you'll find all the desired work you could want here, but not more than can be handled Smile

Welcome, may you be blessed to only find that which you need to find here~
Thank you for reading it. It was the reason I took the time to write it n hopes it would help increase the energies we need on Earth at this time. (well, we needed them millennia ago as well haha!)

You asked "...what it was like for you going from a nonbeliever of the metaphysical side to a Lightworker." Yes, that was the whole mind blowing thing! It was a fast coin flip for sure. In short, it has been wild and exciting! LOL Up til 1992 I kind of believed in the "woo woo" stuff but turned away from it when I joined that org I mentioned. I now understand that choice was preincarnative. In joining that org, my intention was purely to be in service to others. In hindsight and thanks to LOO, I understand that all my energy was being "handed up the STS ladder" if you will. (Likely being sent to the STS ET claiming to be Yahweh. Toby found 85-90 false light beings attached to me after those 22 years on that org. She'd never seen that many) Even more mind blowing is the short amount of time which has passed. I understand now it's all about the intent behind the energy. One of the many details I left out from my already long story was that my higher self had been urging me to move on and leave that org since around 12/12, but I am a very loyal person so it took til 12/14 to resign and then another 18 months to heal my energy. When I first met Toby for our initial meeting, she clearly told me "When you left that organization that was your graduation and your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones were with you.." In hindsight it's like the hand to the forehead "Well of COURSE I needed to go back to KC! Duh!! LOL"

Also, I do not wish to misrepresent anything. I am not yet well versed in any of these modalities. I am a beginner but I spend a ton of time every week "in the energy" by reading, meditating, viewing, etc. It's been a fast track and SO exciting. :-D And in the end, all a lightworker REALLY needs to do is done by their presence. Very much like the 2nd wavers, a Wanderer simply needs to be present. :-) But I am sooo enjoying "the remembering". :-p

As far as "finding work", if you're on this forum, you're doing the work as well :-)

(12-19-2017, 06:02 PM)Coordinate_Apotheosis Wrote: [ -> ]Very inspiring, almost autobiographical.

I'm especially interested in if you could offer an idea to others of what it was like for you going from a nonbeliever of the metaphysical side to a Lightworker.

That's like flipping a coin lol

I would be very blessed if I could ever find a teacher like this Toby you mentioned.

I hope you'll find all the desired work you could want here, but not more than can be handled Smile

Welcome, may you be blessed to only find that which you need to find here~
Thank you for sharing your story!

Similar to you, I had a sudden "awakening" (or whatever you might want to call it) 7 months ago. I was a complete skeptic before, but there's no denying the changes I've been feeling. It all started with periodic wheel-like vibrations over joints in my feet which have since become diffuse vibrations felt throughout my body. It's pure bliss.
I imagine it is (!) and I can totally relate :-) I'm very happy for you! The energies coming into teh planet are doing this for a lot of us and I'm VERY grateful for the experience/journey.