Full Version: Halfway Through Book I ... Super Easy to Read?
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I've been aware of the Law of One for about three years now but I never actually got to reading the books (I was going to read it online but I like having a book in my hands lol). All through those three years everyone said that it was a very complicated work and wasn't anywhere near a casual read. One guy I was watching said that he would go through each page for like 45 minutes to fully understand it.

I got a copy of Book I a few months ago but just started reading it a few days ago, and I'm already like halfway through it, and it's much easier to read than I thought? I mean literally, it's like reading a children's book.

The way Ra talks, the questions asked...its easy. I thought it was going to be difficult?

Can anyone else relate? How easy is the Ra Material to you personally? I can imagine if I went into the Law of One with no prior knowledge of anything relating to spirituality or consciousness I would find the book very confusing or even silly.
It gets more complicated when you get into the energy centers and archetypes, moreover due to the limitations of language some things are just not possible for us to interpret without theorizing what Ra actually meant. You are probably very open and already progressed enough to disseminate the material according to your level of growth. But in my opinion there will always be new teach/learn learn/teach to be discovered in the LOO.
Sorry for the short reply, blackwanderer, but I promised to watch a film with my wife!

Your roughly one eighth into it and I thought a similar thing while on my stag do back in April 2016. I was in Wales, in the UK, walking up mount Snowdon.  Big Grin

Welcome to the forums, btw!
Some portions will be clear as day to you, others will be as confusing as a dark night.

I understood most of the material my first read through, then in study and subsequent read throughs I realized I understood for myself more than everyone else, but due to our close similarities, I didn't realize this until I began discussing these things with others.
I interpret most of what Ra said in a completely different way every time I read it. For that reason it will always be the most challenging to understand in my mind.
I remember when I first briefly realized of its existence, I was immediately turned off by all the I Am Ra's before every statement. I didn't really give it the chance and thought it was some weird robotic channeling type thing. I was trying to be discerning at the time but I just wasn't open minded enough. I think I re-visited it after reading the Hidden Hand Dialogue as so many here are familiar with. If I recall right- a few pages in I was struck with overwhelming familiarity that I still can't really grasp fully. But It felt like the words were coming from that "still small" voice (you might say) within me. I think it was more about the energy of the experience than any sensical analysis. Definitely a game changer, lol.

I think certain people are kind of wired to just "get it" terms of the general elements of how Ra uses words and the gravity and general meaning behind their intent. However its really a life long study IMO because I have yet to grasp *much* of the complex elements of the material.

I think the most profound thing for me was coming to terms that the Negative Path is a Path that continues beyond this density. It was an uncomfortable consideration at first...but it just kind of made sense. I haven't really seen that in other material. I guess it kind of brought understanding to the purpose of positive/negative duality and strangely enough- its perfection. I had never really thought about it before.

Overall I appreciate the richness of Ra's beingness. I think a lot of people who are wired to "get it" can really pick up on it. Its like a portal or something...because at face value- it reads very bare. But to those with the "eyes to see" I suppose u could say. There is so much richness and complexity.
Eloquently put, thank you for sharing Smile
This is really no surprise, as Don himself was still trying to figure out who Ra was. Obviously question's have a big influence on the answers, and Don asked simpler questions in the beginning. As the questions get more complex, so will the material.
I had a leg up because I knew Don and Carla before they began the Ra contact. In fact I had moved to CA by then and would call Carla on an occasional Saturday (the Bell monopoly was still in power and that was the cheapest day to call). Even after the Contact began, Carla kept mum about it for awhile, and then would mention "the Ra contact" as if I knew what she meant. I deliberately pretended I did know in case asking what it was might shut her up. Wink

On my next visit to Louisville Don opened up about the new info they got, to which I listened desperately. Then when Carla said they had Volume One ready, I ordered it post haste (or maybe she asked if I wanted one and I said of course! or maybe even, "Hell yes!").

Vol I was all I had for awhile, so I got out my yellow highlighter and dug in after the first read. I found that very helpful because of the scrambled nature of the questioning/answering.

If somebody wants to know more about them, first see if my early posts are still around so I won't have to type it all in again. I've aged some. Tongue

The later volumes get denser and were less accessible in a first read.
They're hard to read, but probably only as difficult as reading law books / old law cases, as that's my background.

Normally I spend like 2 minutes a page of a normal book, but I'd say it took me 8-10 minutes or more on some pages. Overall, I'd say my reading spell was about half or a third as fast as compared to reading a novel for fun. Of course, the tarot work in book IV was really hard to read without having the pictures in front of you, because they are talking about an image and the images are not on the same page.

But I don't think the work is meant to be understood in one read-through fully. I am still unpacking and discovering new meanings to passages I've read and thought I understood.