Full Version: Yaum - Can anyone shed light on this entity
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I was reading through some L/L Research archival material and came across Yaum and his dark prophesising.  Talking about the Tribulation and other coming catastrophes.   Has anyone else found his material jarring and in complete contrast to most of the entities channelled by LL?  I'm going to suggest it's a negative entity.  I couldn't really find any other posts on this being on Bring4th.  

The questioner is intent on pursuing transient lines of query and Yaum is more than happy to oblige.

It gave me an uneasy feel.

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Got a link?
Ah, that's the Clyde Trepanier sessions, for which I believe Carla wrote a disclaimer:

Carla Wrote:Note from Carla L. Rueckert: Don Elkins had a very limited exposure to both Walt Roger’s and Clyde Trepanier’s channeling in the early 1960’s, after which time he had no more contact with either man’s work. Clyde Trepanier continued to channel until the late 1980’s. L/L Research became reacquainted with this additional material of his in 2011, at which time we offered to create a section on the L/L site to archive it.

We would like to make it clear that the transcripts in the zipped file below beyond the early 60s do not have any direct relationship to L/L Research. That material moves into areas which are not in congruence with the work of L/L Research. Because of this, we would take a step back from recommending or endorsing it to anyone. It is, however, a part of the extraterrestrial channeling story that otherwise might have been lost to research. We are grateful for the willingness of the Detroit Group members, past and present, to share this material.

A total of 690 Circle R Group transcripts are offered in PDF format within a ZIP file. You will need an unzipping program (such as Winzip or 7-zip) to extract the files to read.
Thank you, that clears things up nicely.
No problem, and also -- good on you for using your discernment!