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I just thought I'd share these Smile

It is consciousness that creates form. Pictures such as these give us some hint at the magnificent consciousness that animates these creatures.

I particularly liked the Rosy Maple Moth. I found one of these on the front porch at our office building a couple of years ago. They are even more beautiful viewed from above.

[Image: 0_288ea_5161533a_orig]
(08-27-2010, 05:11 AM)@ndy Wrote: [ -> ]I just thought I'd share these Smile

The Creator truly is Infinite and yet perfect. Intelligent Infinity literally describes the Creator.
Wow, what planets are these aliens from?

If you think the insects are strange looking there Monica, you should see the bipedal apes!

Thanks for posting this @ndy Smile
(08-27-2010, 05:11 AM)@ndy Wrote: [ -> ]I just thought I'd share these Smile

thanks @ndy. I can always trust Russian websites to show me things that I have never seen before. Big Grin


Lol Andy, when I clicked on your link the first thing I saw was the pic of the Queen, and I was like "wtf? Amazing image?? "
Nice bump, plenum.

Truly amazing images @ndy!
WOW! Someone was on some serious peyote when they designed these creatures (whether it be direct creation, manipulation of preexisting genes, or perhaps a bit of natural evolution mixed in, who knows for sure?).

I found this one to be particularly amusing since the crab looks like hes saying "MY STRAWBERRY, GTFO"

[Image: 0_288c4_f711a333_orig]

Also, when I was a kid, I actually had a total of 3 chameleons(1 veiled, 1 common, 1 panther) as well as some other "herps" (Herpetology = reptiles + amphibians). But chameleons truly are as cool as they look, although they are pretty hard to take care of due to vulnerability to disease as I lost all but the veiled chameleon to disease quickly. The veiled chameleon which I stereotypicaly named "Rex" lived for quite a long lifespan for a chameleon. He was my favorite pet out of all the lizards I had, and actually showed some decent intelligence compared to the others.

Still have a photo of me and him when I was around 13 years old, in fact: Blush
 [Image: rexax.jpg]

What makes them so cool IMHO is they way the eat, which starts with them locking both their eyes onto their target (normally they wander all over the place), sway back and forth to increase depth perception, then flick their tongue out .5-2.5 their body length(!!) and catch/stick the insect/small rodent to their tongue. Very interesting if you haven't seen it before, I found a short 30sec video of a Veiled eating a locust if anyone is interested: (caution, not for super squeamish people):


cute! you're so adorable
the lizard looks like a rat