Full Version: Help in understanding myself and where I should start
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Edit includes deleting everything because I know what I must do.
All that comes to mind to offer is to meditate on the hidden purpose of your condition.

More specifically about the chakras, it's a lot a work of attunement that takes some time so just keep at it in your desire to balance things and things will come into balance with time through this direction in your mind. Every intent and effort has an effect, so don't give up!
I would try kriya yoga.
How long have you studied The LOO?
Also I would suggest researching turmeric/curcumin as a possible alleiviant.
I would also agree with Elros, with meditating on the purpose of the Condition.
You need to find something possible for you to digest, with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
Research colloidal silver.
Try to connect with your body, allow it to move and be unbiased. Thank it for it's service. Truly invoke an grateful disposition. So As to not allow dietary conditions to sway your mental/emotional configurations. In that you will gladly accept the honor and the duty, in fufilling what the body needs. Stop restraining yourself, and try and find some people to bond with. However I do understand your plight and pain brother. I am sorry you hurt like this, and feel isolated.
(01-30-2018, 05:46 PM)Surfboard Wrote: [ -> ]Honestly I don't want to post this but I feel I have to start opening up somewhere to better myself.

Hi there, sb.  My suggestion is that you look up things like "polarity" and "will' on the site to get a sense what these things are.  It seems to me that it would benefit you to look into yourself deeply to understand what you inherently are committed to.  You feel like a cork bobbing on the waves.  You need to feel your own submerged inclination to serve so that this can offer you some sense of direction, in my view.