Full Version: New laser mapping technology finds Mayan civilization was much bigger
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Quote:Researchers from Guatemala's PACUNAM foundation said on Thursday they had mapped the outlines of dozens of newly discovered Maya cities previously hidden deep in the jungle.

Quote:The findings are a "revolution in Maya archeology," Canuto said, adding that researchers now believe the Maya had a population of 10 million, "much higher" than previous estimates.

The discoveries include urban centers with sidewalks, homes, terraces, ceremonial centers, irrigation canals and fortifications

What did Ra say about 'Lost Cities' again? Wink

Quote:The research — using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology that beamed light from aerial lasers to construct a survey of buried structures — found a pyramid almost 100 feet in height.

It had previously been thought to be a small mountain in the heart of the ancient Maya city of Tikal

Really makes you wonder, what the hell happened there that turned such a huge civilization into an abandoned relic of time?

Civilization doesn't just up and collapse without some kind of indicator as to why.  The Maya 'disappeared' as far as could be surmised.

What did that other SMC Ra spoke of do over there?!
(02-04-2018, 05:49 PM)Coordinate_Apotheosis Wrote: [ -> ]Really makes you wonder, what the hell happened there that turned such a huge civilization into an abandoned relic of time?

Civilization doesn't just up and collapse without some kind of indicator as to why.  The Maya 'disappeared' as far as could be surmised.

What did that other SMC Ra spoke of do over there?!

Quote:1.5 Questioner: Could you give me a little more detail about your role with the Egyptians?
Ra: I am Ra. The identity of the vibration Ra is our identity. We as a group, or what you would call a social memory complex, made contact with a race of your planetary kind which you call Egyptians. Others from our density made contact at the same time in South America, and the so-called “lost cities” were their attempts to contribute to the Law of One.

We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree the Law of One. However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion with which unity is informed by its very nature. Since it contains all, it cannot abhor any.

When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the Law of One, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position which we had allowed ourselves to be placed in. And other myths, shall we say, other understandings having more to do with polarity and the things of your vibrational complex, again took over in that particular society complex.

Does this form a sufficient amount of information, or could we speak further?

Based on the bold part, its possible that they are not Mayan cities.
Since anything's possible, they could of opened the gateway to intelligent infinity. Such a big secluded civilization who seemed to have pyramid technology, one could only start to imagine. But again pyramids are the only stable structure they could build to 100 ft at the time Tongue
Yeah the disappearance of the Mayan civilization is a very interesting archaeological mystery. It seems that the Mayan civilization had a number of waves of boom and decline, there seemed to be a major decline in the civilization around 200 CE from which they bounced back before the final end of the civilization in 900 CE. It could be anything from ecological changes, collapse of social structure, deforastation, etc. Keeping a civilization of that size relies on a tenuous balance of resources, especially prior to the development of modern agricultural techniques and international trade.

Like Unity100 mentioned, I don't know if the Mayans are the ones that Ra was referring to. For one thing Ra says that they and the other Confederation group came to us around 11,000 years ago, long before the Mayans. My personal suspicion is that they were referring to the civilization of Tiwanaku in the area of lake Titicaca (hehe).

That said I don't really know much of anything Tongue
I hope not, the Mayan culture was huge on blood rituals of sacrifice and pain for various reasons, if they were influenced by a smc, that smc screwed up more than it helped.  They had a ball game where the losing team's leader was sacrificed, and sometimes their decapitated heads were used for a ball.

However, the term Lost Cities certainly does chime with this discovery of basically cities retaken by nature over time.

They've even a pyramid, a clear sign of higher influences if you believe what Ra says.

As for the Central/South Americas, they're not that distant and the global pyramid phenomenon is a heavy example of outer influences.  It's just a ridiculous feat of architecture for the tech back then, worldwide.  You'd think there'd be quarries nearby every structure but there isn't.

Something simply just doesn't add up.

I HIGHLY oh way so very doubt the Mayans opened collectively the gateway to instant harvest.  I'd believe their entire civilization was abducted by aliens before I consider that lol...

Where's the DNA that traces to this area?  Where's the dead remains of so many people? Or the pathways of travel and transit? Societies don't just disappear over night.  Whatever happened to the Mayans must have been swift and very fast.

And no worries Spaced, your joviality for certain sounds is funny, and I don't really know much of anything either Tongue
The Maya didn't "disappear".  Deforestation, soil erosion, and drought led to a collapse of their agricultural productivity, so they had to abandon their cities and disperse to more remote areas.

There are millions of Maya today, in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador.
We actually know now??

Excuse my ignorance please, my last learning on the Maya came from middle school and all they told us was 'its a mysterrryyy'.

Well, with that information in mind, the sheer size of what's been discovered makes sense now. That's a lot to sustain.

Well then, what's with the pyramid structures? I wonder how things led up to that collapse, if something fuelled it or if it's just a natural result of mishandling resources. The drought obviously didn't help. You'd think the present descendants would have some kind of oral history to share regards such a major collapse.
I would guess the usual suspect of warfare also played a big role in their eventual decline. Thats usually how civilisations fall...

Its amazing what nature can do after 5 years, so over a 1000 years, unfortunately, takes things beyond recognition. The same problem exists in Cambodia and the mystery of the Khmer civilisation. Angkor was huge, the worlds largest pre-industrial urban centre at its peak. I'm sure that was also built with advanced knowledge. I don't think (mostly) us in the 'west' have given it proper study.