Full Version: Clearing Jupiter
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My work here on earth will clear up Jupiter to a large extent. This is how you may gauge the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of my work.

To further your own seeking, the great red spot is man's disconnection from god, as it sits in the band that would correlate with your yellow (relating to personal power/responsibility). What then would make that spot disappear?
Put yourself on a timeline where it does. Others can choose their own timelines.
Bashar said there are already existing an infinite number of parallel realities.
So it's about coming into vibrational resonance with the reality you are desiring.

I don't believe it's possible to disconnect from god, for all is one, and all are god.

There is only one here.
I'm glad to hear that wolf man.
Jupiter is a planet that souls go to in between lives when they want the next life to be working with large groups of people.
I read that somewhere.

Saturn is a planet where souls go to start over.