Full Version: A simple, but powerful (for me) technique that may aid others
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In the Law of One, in Session 95, question 7, Ra gives an example as to how one would bless water, allowing the One Infinite Creator's will to manifest through it.

Quote:As the water is sprinkled you may say “We give thanks to the One Creator for the gift of water. Over it the Creator moves Its hand and stirs Its will to be done.”

I tried this out on water with some success, but then without much thinking the idea occurred to me to bless the blood within my own body, as if my blood itself was water to be made sacred. I don't know what sort of effect this would have on others, but it has had a very powerful effect on me personally with the effect of raising my mood significantly and giving me a much more profound emotion throughout the day. With the success of doing that, I experimented with this technique further and blessed the blood that was specifically within my brain. The effects of doing so were similar to taking a very small dose of some psychedelic (though without any hallucinations, if that makes any sense to anyone) and provided a feeling of peace, joy, and satisfaction. At one point when I tried this, I literally had the sensation/perception of white light dazzling and sparkling within my skull, which is an experience I had only had at another time due to some success with raising my Kundalini energy. Another thing I tried which had an amazing effect was to bless the blood within other particular organs in my body. Blessing the blood within my heart relieved emotional issues and brought me the feeling of being almost within the Creator's presence, and blessing the blood within my stomach, liver, pancreas, and other organs gave me a tremendous boost to my energy and made me feel much more lively and healthy. It is important to repeat the blessing around three times to have a moderately strong effect. Also, blessing specific parts of my brain, for example the pineal or pituitary gland, provided very strong psychedelic responses for what I was doing (essentially nothing,) and a much stronger effect than a simple blessing of the brain's blood in general. A potentially adverse affect of doing this was an increased awareness of the insides of my head and body, which may be a very bad feeling for people trying it that may require some time to wear down, as if you genuinely were coming out of the effects of a drug. This was a very powerful technique, for me.

Another thing I tried with this water blessing technique Ra gave was to go all out and, in a manner similar to how I normally request aid for Humanity throughout my day, I internally blessed all the waters of this planet at once in the manner Ra described. The feeling I received upon doing this was quite powerful, it was a very serene sense of being connected to the entire planet. I felt vast, and felt as though I had performed an important service. I will likely be doing this very unorthodox, and frankly ridiculous technique in providing service for the rest of my life, and so believe it would be wrong not to share this strange discovery despite how weird it may sound to anyone reading this. It would genuinely mean something to me if anyone else were to try it with success that it improved their own spiritual practice.
I already experience dizzying amounts of energy at times, so adding additional Light would make me very flighty and hard to ground.

So what works for me is to tune into my guide's energy rather than Creator.
"It would genuinely mean something to me if anyone else were to try it with success that it improved their own spiritual practice."

I'm going to read that Session and give it a go. Not sure when I'll get to it, but I'll let you know the results. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you, Cannon. I've experimented with various versions of it (changing around both the "X" in "I thank the Creator for the gift of X", and the "Y" in "stirs it to Y"). Wonderful results.
In my experience, if one were to bless "all the light of the Earth," it is best to use the phrase "shines its will to be done."

Blessing the light of the Sun itself along with the Earth has been, by far, the most powerful version of this little technique. Especially when one includes all this light throughout all the Sun and Earth's time: past, present, and future.

Doing it multiple times in a row increases its strength during each subsequent use almost exponentially.