Full Version: How to attract romance?
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I want to grow up and mature.
I think seeking romance and a relationship would be a good way to start.
I realize the anthropomorphic beings I loved cannot love me back.
So I want to seek a healthy relationship with another man.
Here is one video where Reiki is used to help attract love.

Are there other tips people here have for attracting love and romance from another?
I don't really want to go to bars or put ads online.
And how do you know if they're right for you?
I've never had a relationship like I'm wanting before.

I think you need to go out and meet people, be open, be yourself, and not be afraid of failure.
I think you're right Sprout. I appreciate that. Not be afraid of failure is great advice.
I'm not sure if I want another furry person like me or a spiritual person like me.

Though I'd take someone different who accepts me for who I am.

Whoever I attract into my life I would take, if it's for my highest good. I'm putting that vibration out there.
I'm not desperate. I just think it's time.