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I'm a big fan of both Futurama and the Simpsons. They are very intelligent cartoons and make a lot of references to pop culture, history, science, etc. I also read somewhere that the creator of the Simpsons, Matt Groening likes to "insert" some of his beliefs in his works.

Back to Futurama, this new Futurama movie, Beast with a Billion Backs, talks about how the people of our universe get in a relationship with another universe called Yivo(sp?) There are a lot of interesting things that happen throughout the movie that can be somehow related to the LOO. One interesting thing the Being Yivo says is, "In my universe I'm one, but in your universe you are many", not a direct quote but the gist of it.

Another interesting thing is when Yivo starts "attaching" itself to humans (and other aliens), it looked like they were being forced into it (which they were) then once Yivo attached itself, the humans & aliens felt really good and fell in love with Yivo immediately.

There is also one scene where one of the characters called Frey, falls in love with a beautiful girl. But he later discovered that she had other boyfriends living with her. Frey did not know how to handle this. Isn't that what happens in 4th density, where people can have multiple partners, with no feeling of jealousy or betrayal?

What do you guys think about the movie?


I saw this movie a while ago. The Yivo is much similar to the Borg from Star Trek, a group complex with 1 central unit that pacifies the external parts and gives them the illusion of happiness and true meaning.

I imagine 4th density to indeed be how you describe it, we truly love entities, not the polarised opposite sex. This is what I intend for myself and others currently, but it's not very accepted in most of our societies... I have a partner, but she does not wish me or herself to go outside us 2, for now at least. The boundaries of "partner" is subjective however, she sets it at kisses and sex and all between there.
I really wish to hug and kiss people freely... but the trust takes a long time for many to build up sufficiently. Generally people do not appreciate me doing such, so I try to serve them the best I can by refraining from it.

Generally I find it very hard to serve people with love without them pushing me away... It's a fine individual balance.
It's interesting how people think in this density about love and relationships. I think the showing of unconditional love does not serve the intended purpose every time. I read a lot of "self development" material, some of it regarding regarding relationships between men and women and how you can obtain "game" in order to attract the opposite sex. One of the good books is called "The Game". I believe the core idea of the seduction concept is being "mysterious", which is very attractive to the opposite sex. But mystery implies separation. But in 4th D, there will be no mystery and everything will be known. I wonder how that is going to change relationships. If you know everything, what will you be interested in then?


We would be interested because, in the end, we do not wish separation. Have we not all experienced simply living with other people we find safe and accepted with giving us the feeling that we wish nothing else, that we for once are satisfied?
This is 4th density for me, many times empowered.
This is a pretty interesting thread. I actually wanted to start one about relationships but then found this one. I would say by far the greatest amount of catalyst that has come to me has come through relationships with a partner. I believe that this is one of the central themes through which the various parts of me decided it would be fruitful to evolve before incarnation.

Though I am at a bit of a loss to explain exactly why, I cant help but feel that marriage is a bit of a strange thing to me. It seems that most people have yet to come to the realization that Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife are all just concepts in our minds. They follow the model of what a relationship is that they recieve from society, their friends, or their parents. Within most of the relationships that I have observed, whenever people say "I love you", they are talking almost directly to the concept of the person that they have in their mind. They may be talking to the actual person as well, but only as long as that person is in sync with the concept behind the label assigned to them. Once their partner deviates , there goes the "love".

Here is a comparison of 3rd and 4th Density relationships that is based on a channeling from a person named Lyssa Royal. I have read the complete channeling a few times but have had no one to talk to about it, so I would be very interested to hear your opinions on it if you care to check it out.

3rd/4th Density Relationship Comparison

Be well,


Hello kensanwa. First I want to say that I'm very grateful for that link, I read it together with my partner, who is not very interested in spiritual systems such as the LOO but even so agreed to all the points there. It was a very lovely moment.

I will read her transcript and get back to you.

Peace and love
That's funny, I actually watched the movie too and thought it had strong Law of One references, only in a very distorted way. They made it seem like this giant squid like beast wanted to bring love to everyone and make everyone one with him, but he did it in a controlling way, forcing them to join with him, so everyone was scared of it. It was sort of a nazi approach. The first Futurama movie "Bender's Big Score" was way better.