Full Version: IndigoGeminiWolf Poetry
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I call this one Downloads.

It’s the heart
Where it starts
From there move on
But stay the course
You will find guidance
When you need
But you must ask
For the downloads
Feel them now
Feel your guides
Who walk with you every step
And long to be of service
Who love you beyond your knowing
And seek to comfort you in your strife
So go and meditate well
Begin to lose touch with your body
Until it feels numb
And you begin to light yourself
With unspoken knowledge
In unseen realms
Of understanding beyond understanding
It will come to you in a flash
And you will realize you have risen to a new level
Another point of inspiration
You are not alone
You are never alone
Even in the trials you must pass
Those initiations
You have help

When you receive inspiration
You find yourself on another level
Gaining insight into each new day
Going forward full of hope
But more than that
It’s a certainty
That you will find
What you are looking for
What can I do
To caress my deepest desires
My furthest wishes
For the unspeakable
To come true
Is this a reality that we should want?
To hold up a new meaning
Of life and how it ends
Or begins, whatever
No matter the lot
I am trying
I will not forget the one
Who pulled me from where I was
And gave me this hope
That I would surrender to
The one that came before me
Who lifts me up and takes me onward
To seek inside myself
And never forget
What it is like
To be myself
For though that is always evolving
I have a true self, even now
One that I can call me
One without ego
Or aggrandizement
But one that never forgets
Where he came from

The sun is alive and radiant
It is this for me to tell
That I was driving
And in such a hurry to get home
To write these words
But why?
Were I in the moment
I would have experienced
A profound step towards enlightenment
I spread love everywhere I go
But I must do more than this
I must become the love that I
So lovingly spread
It must radiate out from me
Touching all within reach
And into the infinite void
Where whispers dare not go
There, my love can be found
It is quiet and respectful
We dare not raise a glance
Against the one who considered us
In our celebratory youth
For we are ambassadors
Of love to one another
We do not fret any longer
For we are filled