Full Version: Into the void
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Into the void you go, where mystery reigns.
Into the luminescence where we once dwelled, peace ye shall find.
Into the mind, look, ye shall find the sacred keys.

Into the seven houses you go, chaos ye shall find.
Bridge the rays of her majesty, the serpent.
Up the ladder she ascends, where the upward and downward light flows.

Into the halls you go, where the dweller reigns; NOT of polarity, NOT of deception, but of wisdom.
Be he, the guardian, he of THREE.
Into the darkness, find ye, the eternal flame that blossoms about the shadows, the illumination of all.

Into the flame you go, One with the cosmos and one with the ALL.
Into the cosmos you go, where the boundaries of the heavens are vast.
Into the cycles, seek ye, the all loving light.

Into the light you go, ONE ye shall be with the infinite ALL.
Into the void you go, be ye now, a child of the Light.
ALL is ONE, ALL is well.

-RP (Me)