Full Version: Just an acrylic painting I wanted to share
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Hi gang,

I've been drawing a lot lately, and decided to buy some basic acrylics to see what I could do with some colour. I like this piece, it's just an A4 page but it's a bit more beautiful than what I usually would create. So please enjoy this forest girl creature, and any critique or tips will be appreciated.

[Image: uFnZmu9.jpg]
Very nice!!
I like it. I like the forest.
It's a nice painting Smile
This is awesome MangusKhan, do continue !! beautiful shading on the skirt....
Thank you for the encouragement all. I hope to make some serious art this year so I will definitely continue with the acrylic studies.
For me this is very enjoyable to look at, very much my taste. Would love to see something like this turned into a cartoon/film