Full Version: Does Dolores Cannon's work fit with LoO?
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So far, a lot of the stuff I'm listening to by Dolores Cannon seems to fit in with Law of One material, but I haven't read most of the material out there concering the Law of One and I haven't read any of Dolores Cannon's books. So I was wondering if anybody here is familiar enough with the material of both to know how well they fit with each other?
She said there were planets with square orbits. So I can't be for sure.
I haven't read any of her books (and DEFINITELY don't know what she might have meant by square planetary orbits, lol), but I will say this much. Her principal work as I understand it was developing the QHHT process (quantum healing hypnosis therapy). I've talked about my experiences with QHHT on this forum a few times, and it's legit. I developed a friendship with the QHHT practitioner, and have been finding all kinds of STO volunteer opportunities from her. I've been transcribing QHHT sessions for her other clients, and so have had the extreme privilege to listen to and type up the recordings of 12 different sessions by this point. Beyond being fascinating in its own right, it's given me the opportunity to see how Cannon's QHHT process works in a variety of situations, and I have to say that it has impressed me tremendously.

So while I can't necessarily speak for Dolores Cannon's writings, the information gleaned in sessions from her process, at least, DEFINITELY has matched up with the LoO material. Both are clearly connecting to the same higher dimensional sources. That leads me to believe that her books would probably be really good, and would likely line up well.

I should put some of her stuff on my reading list. After Indigo's novel of course! Wink
I read one of her books a few years ago. I liked it in general , but I had the feeling that there were some mixed sources. Keep your radars very active to detect STS interferences in Cannon's material. I don't think that she had anything similar to the challenge that is offered in L&L when channelling.

Also, the heading in a youtube video was: going from 3D to 5D, and that is just wrong.