Full Version: How much time do you spend on entertainment
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Full time architecture graduate student and I spend about 4 hours each day on entertainment. I’m pretty good at pumping work out during the day because I know once 8pm hits my mind shuts off, my phone comes out and my tv comes on until I pass out. Some days it’s more somedays it’s almost nothing at all. Writing this out makes me feel a little guilty though...oh well can’t be productive all the time right??
I don't work or go to school, so I spend most of my day either sleeping (12 hours a day or more) and internet (about 8 hours a day) and meditating (2 hours a day).
I often have to take my mom to her appointments or to get her meds.
Honestly, I don't give a dead rats a*s about the illusion of productivity, the illusion of time etc. etc.

I know who I AM and that this is but a dream = a game I can experience as I please because "failure" is not an option.

So, I just live in the never ending NOW and enjoy the ride following my inner guidance (the Breadcrumb Trail Of Excitement) and KNOWING that this is the optimal way of fulfilling the purpose of this particular dream
It's all about choice. If you need to unplug (indulge in entertainment), unplug, but how you unplug is also a choice. Follow your intuition. If you feel a little guilty, it might be a good idea to listen to that, but don't judge or make assumptions based on "should" or what the popular opinions are. Try to honor and listen with an open mind to your own inner prompts. This is your life.
Sometimes I take enjoyment in my productive time (when I work) so I guess you could say I spend a varying degree on "entertainment" throughout the day, usually anywhere between 4-6 solid, collective hours of experiencing enjoyment/entertainment. For example, as I currently am doing, I may spend my morning to afternoon working a manual labor job in which I may be requiring a new set of skills that I can use later on a home improvement project or something, but in the moment of learning and doing that "laborious" activity, and in a zen like manner, I get a sort of kick out of knowing that what I learn, even from the most laborious task, is actually quite enjoyable in the sense that I'm getting paid to simultaneously work, learn, and enjoy the fulfillment of receiving potentially useful, practical information that may benefit myself or others in various walks of life. I think all I'm really trying to say is that the many people, including myself, sometimes misconstrue the idea that one's leisure, should it feel meaningful or significant, is something that should be earned or rewarded in exchange for diligent labor (by western society's illusory standards) instead of the idea that leisure and labor are quite simply what you make them out to be. Working a mundane, laborious job or task may be a sort of suffering or sacrifice to some, but the opposite may hold for true in partaking in a leisurely activity such as playing a game with friends/family, being a sacrifice of your own time and mental/physical exertion, but entertaining nonetheless. You could also say that acting in a selfless manner makes activities with others more entertaining, in that you surrender or sacrifice your "me" time (entertainment time you place on hold for later) and take a gamble on doing something with or for others that may or may not be equally entertaining for you, but you may discover something else that entertains you in the process of simply learning about yourself through experience with others.

I think it's awesome you chose Architecture as a career path, one that requires a bit of mental and physical investment, but also offers a unique way of receiving material and spiritual fulfillment. I have a lot of respect for you and the people that do that sort of work (and what I would consider art) as you're doing a tremendous favor/service to yourself and your community in doing something that not only puts food on the table but additionally provides you a creative outlet in design and problem solving and seeing your great works come to life.

Getting back to the original topic-

My "true" entertainment or leisure I would probably say is mixing music. I love mixing music (and dancing). It's the one activity I never know if I'm doing for reasons of entertainment (for myself or others), spirituality, relaxation, or as a "job" - the act of playing, listening, and dancing to music just kind of blurs them all together. I just love doing it and not thinking about it. And that I would say I spend about two to three hours every other day doing.