Full Version: Recreating the Notre Dame
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We all know by now of the terrible tragedy that befell France and the world with the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral. I thought this was a silver lining and it made me smile:

apparently video game designers had spent 2+ years reproducing the Notre Dame in every detail for Assassin’s Creed Unity, a PC/console video game. The developers will be donating $500k towards the restoration fund, and the game is free to download until Monday (4/22).

It is incredible what they accomplished here.

[Image: latest?cb=20151016192851&an=622&al=350]

[Image: Notre-Dame-rebuilding-efforts-4-2019.png]


[Image: 5cb735ee0ed7be1e2c6dd22b.jpg]
I noticed the same thing, its good that games get good public use and help in projects like these. Should play assasins creed
I also got it free.

I had bought Odyssey, but wanted Origins. Mistake.

French Revolution setting may be interesting. Viva la Revolucion!
Thank you Nau7ik, that game graphics look awesome !!

The French Revolution was such an interesting catalyst carrying so much hope, yet ending in its later years with the Terror, as those years were named, and incredible violence and cruelty. Peaceful
revolutions in third density are pretty hard to achieve Wink