Full Version: Last in series of divisive questions. Animals right to vote.
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Ive been asking many hard questions lately and the community has managed to at least stay in an answering mindset, many of the discussions devolved quickly into violence and both misogyny and misandry, which was sad, but overall we did get a few really good conversations going and people are probably more aware of each others biases now and better able to adjust to being in a community, hard questions when not avoided usually provide plenty of positive catalyst.

So This should be the last in this series and I return back to doing spiritual work on the forum, I've found all these questions to be personally important and hugely influential in how Ill interact with the world, from feminism to childrens voting rights to all the other things we covered, so here is the last question:

Should animals have the right to vote? This assumes that we can train the animal in question to understand the language of the region, so dolphins, dogs, birds, so on, all the animals that can understand, should they be taught how to vote and then given the right to vote. Take your dog to see different politicians and see who he likes and then have him vote, rights for the downtrodden indeed.

So, in short, animal right to vote, yes or no.

I think these are all just things that 3D can’t get right.
Hopefully 4D.

Though I assume the unveiled 2D running the show would at least be more balanced and united.
3D messing stuff up(exactly as planned) since free will became a thing. Wink
Somehow I feel one more question building up:

"Those that voted yes or no to animal or childrens right to vote, did you vote the same on the other or did you support one group but not the other, i would like to hear your justification for supporting one group but not the other." though i dont know if i feel strongly enough to ask this question.
I didn’t vote on either.
I know children can be mass produced by a group and manipulated even easier than adults so assume they would be.

Same really with animals. Guy smells like bacon, or sensitization training to fear a certain individuals looks ect.

We are just in 3D and gotta each do the inner work to move to 4D, then having each healed, and found compassion and unity stuff will flow to a more positive society.

Can’t mandate change, stuff just goes underground, changes happen inside, then mandates aren’t needed. I believe that was a parallel to Minyatur’s posts about not overcoming. Smile

I’m not even certain the entire electoral process isn’t rigged anyways so not sure any of it matters.